Taking a Stand

Jim Diamond is a criminal defense attorney

Bring Back The Voting Booth

It’s been a month since Election Day and I’ve been thinking about the way we vote.  Maybe I’m nostalgic, but I miss the old “voting booths.” There will be a day, no doubt, when the memory of the “voting booth” will go the way of the “phone booth.” I guess what I really miss is […] [Read More]

The Guy Everybody Wants To Lose

You think you have a tough job? Try being Thomas Ullman. Ullman has spent the last three years defending Steven Hayes. After unsuccessfully defending Hayes at trial, Ullman, a public defender, spent the last few weeks trying to convince a New Haven jury that his client’s life should be spared. The jury, this week, disagreed […] [Read More]

Connecticut Courts Require Candidates to Follow The Law

I recently represented The Stamford Democratic Party in a Stamford Court trial, Caterbone vs. Bysiewicz, where the Party joined the Connecticut Secretary of State in objecting to James Caterbone’s request that the Court order the Secretary of State to place him on the ballot as a candidate for the State House of Representatives. In that […] [Read More]

Fix it or Toss It? Of Freegans and Hoarders

A&E has a show called Hoarders. They are the people who have massive amounts of stuff and never throw anything out. I don’t think I’m a hoarder. I just can’t see throwing out things that have intrinsic value, and will take up valuable space in landfills. I try to donate stuff to charity when I’m […] [Read More]

Citizen’s Elections Are Underway in Connecticut

Dan Malloy has done something extraordinary, and something nobody else in Connecticut politics has done before him. In his quest to obtain the Democratic Party nomination to run for Governor of Connecticut, the former Stamford Mayor has raised more than $250,000 in over 4,000 small individual donations of $100 or less. That’s quite an accomplishment. […] [Read More]
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Dentist Envy

I envy my dentist. I know that runs contrary to conventional thinking, but it’s true. I envy him because as a dentist, he has the capacity to do what I, as a criminal lawyer, can never do. I was a bad patient. I cracked a tooth and rather than tackle the problem, I ignored it, […] [Read More]