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Author: Diamond Dr. James D.

Teens at Home? Protecting Yourself from Alcohol Related Civil and Criminal Liability

As parents, what are some of the things that you need to worry about when there’s a party in your house?

Is It Legal To Record Telephone Calls?

…it is not illegal under CT law to record a call the person making the recording if they are a party to the call…but there are many other factors to consider..

The Deadly Trend of American Indian Disenrollment

Four people are dead and two critically injured after a recent shooting spree in the tribal headquarters of a California American Indian tribe. Michelle Roberts, facing a mass membership purge in Washington, is not surprised.

Big Media: Stop Making Rampage Shooters Famous

It’s inevitable. There will be another rampage shooting in the coming months. Sadly, they have become regular occurrences. When it happens the event will become a major media event. CNN will go live

Cannibalism And Mental Illness On Trial In Bridgeport

“What is most frightening is the daily reminder that there are seemingly mentally ill people in this country like Tyree Smith, the Jared Loughners, Adam Lanzas and so many others walking the streets, going about their daily lives untreated and in dire need of mental health treatment.”

FIFA World Cup Soccer Is The Opposite of USA Pro-Sports: My Return To Yankee Stadium

“FIFA soccer is literally the opposite of American pro-sports.”

Justice Scalia: The Fourth Amendment Must Prevail

Can a person arrested–but not convicted–for a crime be made to give up a DNA sample which will be used to see if they have committed an unsolved crime? Yes said the United States Supreme Court last

Tax Law: Another Setback For Seneca Cigarette Seller

Robert Gordon has lost another round in his legal battle to distribute tax free cigarettes from his upstate New York Indian reservation. Last week United States District Court Judge Jesse M. Furman

Our American War Hero

By: Jim Diamond and Marian Salzman Originally posted in the Danbury (Conn.) News-Times Saturday, May 26, 2012 Very near to Danbury there lived a true American war hero. His name was Rob J. Lytle Jr.,

Political Journalism in 2012: Where To Look For Analysis of The Candidates

Water water everywhere, not a drop to drink. That’s how I feel about the political journalism covering the upcoming Republican presidential primaries.  If you’re a Republican voter (which I’m not) and