Taking a Stand

Jim Diamond is a criminal defense attorney

Political Journalism in 2012: Where To Look For Analysis of The Candidates

Water water everywhere, not a drop to drink. That’s how I feel about the political journalism covering the upcoming Republican presidential primaries.  If you’re a Republican voter (which I’m not) and you want to figure out whom to vote for in the upcoming primaries,  where do you look for detailed information? Candidate messaging is exceptionally […] [Read More]

Bring Back The Voting Booth

It’s been a month since Election Day and I’ve been thinking about the way we vote.  Maybe I’m nostalgic, but I miss the old “voting booths.” There will be a day, no doubt, when the memory of the “voting booth” will go the way of the “phone booth.” I guess what I really miss is […] [Read More]

Connecticut Courts Require Candidates to Follow The Law

I recently represented The Stamford Democratic Party in a Stamford Court trial, Caterbone vs. Bysiewicz, where the Party joined the Connecticut Secretary of State in objecting to James Caterbone’s request that the Court order the Secretary of State to place him on the ballot as a candidate for the State House of Representatives. In that […] [Read More]