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You win, Target, you win

I get on kicks. Everyone around me knows this. My kicks sometimes have a theme, or sometimes they’re so impulsive that they take on a life of their own. Writing has always been a central theme to my
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Me-Day V-Day Declaration

“You’re a liar. Straight liar,” my friend, Kyle, said. “No way any girl who says she doesn’t really care about Valentine’s Day is telling the truth.” I was shocked. Was I really the first girl to ever
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Challenges of a storyteller: My life on the “big screen”

I love the movie, “The Notebook.” I’m a hopeless romantic. I cry at weddings. I cry when my friends get hurt by life’s daily tumbles. I also cry when I watch Marley & Me and the Lion King — every
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Gold diggers beware, I’m onto you

Click. Click. Click. Giggle. Click. Click. Click. The girl behind me at Starbucks is going crazy on her BlackBerry. And giggling every time a text message annoyingly rings in. My obvious response?
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Dear Mr. Smith…

Well, it’s about that time. I’m packing my bags to head to New York for a great career opportunity that will also bring me closer to my family and friends. But don’t worry, I’ll still be writing about
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Facebooking your feelings

I’m positive I’m not speaking for just myself when I say I can’t take people with emotional Facebook statuses anymore. There, I said it. A song lyric here or there is fine, but when you’re spilling

From NY to FL to CT: One girl’s adventure to realize it’s okay to be alone

Sometimes, even at the ripe age of 23, I look back on my dating life and say to myself, “What was I thinking? No, seriously, what?” I’ve always been the kind of girl to be in a long-term, committed
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Desperation vs. persistence

I have some friends, who, bless their hearts, don’t know when to quit it. One in particular, who we’ll call “Sue,” met a man not too long ago and they went out together on a few dates. From what she
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