You can put lipstick on a pedicure, but it’s still a pedicure.


As I was treating myself to a manicure and pedicure the other day, a guy in his late 20’s, clearly straight from a basketball game, came walking into the spa.  Without the blink of an eye he said he was there for a “sports pedicure.”  At first, I thought this was some male version of a female pedicure – that there was something about this that made it manly.

No. Wrong.

It’s everything that I get done to my feet, only without the polish.

Note: The lady that was doing my pedicure said that sometimes men do get clear polish, so I guess that justification to call it a “sports” pedicure is out the window.

Listen, you can’t just put the word “sport” in front of something and expect it to magically be less feminine.

I sincerely appreciate good hygiene. I enjoy when a guy showers at least once a day, shaves his face and makes a conscious effort when he dresses himself.  Believe me, these things never go unlooked.

I even knew a guy who regularly had his back and chest waxed – this, my friends, is absolutely above and beyond normal procedure.  A+ for effort.

However, I become uncomfortable when it’s taken to the level of clear nail polish.  Something about that throws it over the line and can no longer, in my eyes, be considered “manly.”

Fine, get your manicures, pedicures or even spa facials. But if you’re going to do it, just do it. Don’t throw the word “sport” or any other macho term in front of it to make yourself feel more at ease with the situation. We don’t dress it up, neither should you.

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