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Monthly Archive for July, 2009

: July, 2009

The reality of reality television

So, I tuned into Fox’s premiere of “More To Love,” a reality dating show for the “traditionally built.” To be honest, I mean, other than a few pounds, it basically replicates “The Bachelor.” Luke
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Our generation; our rules

Who said we have to still play by old conventions? Not this couple, that’s for sure.

Chasing after Superman: Risk and Reward

I won’t lie to you. A (very) large contributing factor to me choosing a life in journalism was watching my first Superman movie. Here is Lois Lane, a successful female journalist eventually falling

Smoke(y) Signals

Body language has been used for hundreds of years to attract the perfect partner. Being able to tame the language, however, has become something I’ve been only beginning to master during the last, oh,
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Duck ponds + teeny white guy tank tops = Epic dating fail

Before one of my close friends met her long-term boyfriend, her friends were going through this phase which was basically, ‘let’s set her up with anyone we know.’ This, my friends, is how the
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Turn your lady into sports nut, or at least get her to pretend to care

Most of the guys I know love sports. They also love ladies. However, when you combine the both of best worlds it can at times leave one feeling neglected. And no, gentlemen, I’m not talking about your
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The Unrelationship Relationship

Imagine this: A relationship that has everything – the dates, the long talks, the kisses, the food sharing, the late nights and the early mornings, all without a glitch. Well, one glitch. The fact
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