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Desperation vs. persistence

I have some friends, who, bless their hearts, don’t know when to quit it.

One in particular, who we’ll call “Sue,” met a man not too long ago and they went out together on a few dates. From what she had told me, they really seemed to hit it off.

They began to text and call each other regularly and everything seemed fine.

Then, one night, he had to cancel a date. He had some issues at work, but rescheduled within the same phone call, so, Sue thought everything was fine.

As she prepared for the rain check date, she received a text message this time saying the date wouldn’t work out. However, not five minutes later, Sue’s mystery man sent a follow-up text asking for a date next week, and she agreed.

And as you could have probably guessed, yet another cancellation this time around – only to make it worse it was 30 minutes before meet-up time, with another promise to rain check. Did I mention it would take my friend at least 45 minutes to get to the date location? So basically, 30 minutes of a wasted round trip at that point.

Yeah, I know.

In between these dates, the text messages and calls became scarce, and when they did happen, the conversation and connection seemed to be much more shallow than during previous interactions.

This is where I would have drawn the line.

Sue made this man’s life too easy by allowing for him to constantly cancel on her with little notice. Yet, she was like a puppy, jumping to accept the next date.

No man who enjoys spending time with a woman would continuously break date plans.

Forget the J’Adore Dior perfume my friend was rocking, what she was exuding was pure desperation.

I understand there are exceptions. And if you feel the excuse is legitimate, then that’s fine.

But, if he cancels a date more than twice in a row, well, chances are he’s just not that into you.

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