Facebooking your feelings


I’m positive I’m not speaking for just myself when I say I can’t take people with emotional Facebook statuses anymore. There, I said it.

A song lyric here or there is fine, but when you’re spilling out the most detailed description of your recent break-up with direct quotes to boot, honey, even Nancy Drew doesn’t care about picking up what you’re putting down.

Have a little dignity, will you?

These statuses will not get the person back or give you the final say. It will ultimately make them hop on the first sane train away from you. I have enough male friends to know these statuses don’t hurdle any guy through a sleepless guilt-trip. In fact, they’re showing them to their friends and everyone is getting a good laugh at your expense.

You’re basically throwing up a billboard sign screaming, “I’m crazy enough to let everyone know just how crazy I really am.” And your chances of having this seen are much better than those shelling out the thousands of dollars to be displayed on I-95. Think of yourself as your own PR rep; is that really how you want to market yourself?

Everyone knows that mystery is intriguing. So when you’re going through a rough patch and the other person involved (plus 1,000 of your closest acquaintances) doesn’t know your every emotion and move, the ball is in your court.

With the emergence of social media, everyone has been put on somewhat of a level playing field. Celebrities are interacting with their fans on Twitter and we’re vicariously living through our friends by stalking Facebook photos of their recent vacations. So, it’s understandable to be confused about what is personal and what is not, especially since Facebook lends itself to airing your entire life on it like one hot-mess broadcast.

But take it from me, no one wants to see that.

You’re making people uncomfortable/making yourself a shoe-in for the winner of “Who’s Lost Their Mind This Week.”

Stop. Please stop.


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