McKinney Offer Fashion, Diet Advice to Amann: Gnaw on a Shoe


Tuesday July 22, 2008

Back from counting clover in upstate New York, Blog-o-rama returned to the Capitol this morning to see how little has changed.
Republicans, sensing a tasty election-year issue, held another morning news conference to ask for a special legislative session to create a cap on the hidden wholesale tax on gasoline called the Gross receipts Tax.
It’s the fourth or ninth time they’ve asked for it, as if the 107-44 Democratic majority in the House and the 23-13 majority in the Senate could still be persuaded.
Speaker of the House Jim Amann, D-Milford, has called the special session proposal a “farce” among other things. Reminded of that opinion, Senate Minority Leader John McKinney, R-Fairfield, likened Amann to the wife of the late former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos.
“I love the speaker,” McKinney said, “but he’s put his foot in his mouth so many times that, you know, Imelda Marcos doesn’t have enough shoes for that.”
During the 1986 coup, Imelda fled to Hawaii with tons of gold and more than 1,000 pairs of shoes.
A few hours later, given a chance to take a slap at McKinney, Amann said only “He usually leaves half the story out, but that’s okay.”

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