Expedient Dems, Who Bailed and Let Rell Cook The Budget, Now Whine That It Doesn’t Taste Good


Thursday July 31, 2008

Yesterday, if there was a theme during the day-long legislative hearing on Gov. Jodi Rell’s budget cuts, it was Democrats complaining about their effect.
It rang kind of hollow, however, since the majority lawmakers, who rule the House 107-44 and Senate 23-13, were the ones who agreed to no revisions to the second year of the biennial budget, which took effect July 1, saddling Rell with the responsibility to make $150 million in cuts to the $18.4 billion bottom line.
Bob Genuario, who as secretary of the Office of Policy and Management is Rell’s budget chief, met with Capitol reporters after the hearing and got about as close as he could get to calling the Democrats whiners.
“The Legislature made a conscious decision not to cut because they knew that action was going to be difficult,” Genuario said.

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