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When It Comes To The Bond Commission, Jodi Gets What She Wants

The DCF girtl’s treatment and detention center in Bridgeport that Gov. Rell vowed yesterday to push through next week’s meeting of the State Bond Commission, is good fodder for Bridgeport politicians.

If Mick Jagger and (Weston’s) Keith Richards Are The Glimmer Twins, What Does that Make Chris Dodd and Joe Lieberman?

    Political Dissonance, perhaps? Anyway, if you have a pulse and don’t need to see a doctor, you know what Joe Lieberman’s been doing down in Washington for the last few weeks. He’s not up for

Stamford Superior Court Workers Agree To Ethics Fines

  Here’s a news release from the Office of State Ethics: December 22, 2009   Four Judicial Branch employees have paid civil penalties to the Office of State Ethics (OSE) for allegedly using their

Put On A Happy Face

 Rep. Cameron C. Staples, D-New Haven, co-chairman of the Finance Committee, said (during the floor debate this afternoon on the plan to delay raising the so-called cliff on the estate tax from $2

Larry Cheats Us Out of the Dream Gubernatorial Throwdown: Cafero v. Amann

Capitol scribes are bemoaning House Minority Leader Larry Cafero’s announcement, which is still going on as the Blogster writes. Cafero, R-Norwalk will not run for governor after all. As reported heee

Here’s Your (Early) Retirement, What’s Your Hurry?

Thirty five, count them, 35 employees of the General Assembly will be leaving at the end of the month after delaying their early retirements for a few months. There was a little party in the LOB on

Her head is Beautiful

It’s 2 p.m. and the Blogster just ducked out of teh Press Room holiday party to check on the Genius. Her head’s exposed from the wrappings now and the first 700-pound wing has been bolted into place.

She Has One Wing…

It’s all very historic and exciting at 12:25 and the wings are being bolted on to the Genius.

She’s Up And…..

It’s 9 a.m. and the riggers have The Genius of Connecticut up in the air about four feet, ready to swing onto the $30,000 steel-supported marble pedestal at somepoint. Since she’s still wrapped, the

Read It And Drink: We Should Be Able To Buy Booze on $undays in CT To Reduce the Deficit!

It’s 2 p.m. and researchers from the legislative Program Review and Investigations Committee just told lawmakers that contrary to the smoke blown around the issue of Sunday alcohol sales, there’s a