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: June, 2009

Last Day For Thousands of State Employees, But Don’t Say RIP

Yes, it’s ghoulish to refer to the state’s Retirement Incentive Program by its acronym. C’mon, they’re about to embark on the next phase of their careers and lives at age 65, 60, 55, whatever. Even

Malloy Joins Dems In The Budget Fight

  It’s Saturday night at 11 o’clock and the Blogster has been reminded that in the hubbub of Friday’s House vote to send its eminently veto-friendly budget on to Gov. Jodi Rell for her imminent

House Vote A Study In Apathy

It’s 11:20 and the House just approved the budgetary revenue projections, mostly along party lines, 86-35. So a whopping 121 lawmakers of the 151-member chamber took time out from their summer

Wow. Rell Signs Senate Vacancy Bill

It’s 11 a.m. Gov. Rell just announced she has given up her power to fill US Senate vanacies. Here’s the release from her office. Governor M. Jodi Rell today announced that she has signed legislation

Dems’ ‘Titanic’ Budget Sets Sail In The Senate, Bound For Veto Iceberg

It’s 11 o’clock, around the time that the Senate was scheduled to go into session. But it’s doubtful that the fractured caucus will start before 2 p.m. on this day where they’ll go through the charade

Amann: Budget Mess Is A Game Of Political “Chicken”

Jim Amann of Milford, the former speaker of the House, visited reporters in the Capitol Press Room this afternoon to say that it’s time for Gov. Jodi Rell to put her huge approval rating on the line

More News for the Thirsty on Sunday Alcohol Sales

The Blogster personally believes that if you’re in a panic on a Sunday because you didn’t plan well enough on Saturday, maybe you should ease back and assess your lifestyle.  But far be it from me to

Lapses Are In The Eyes Of The Beholder

Just when you thought the Democrats were on the same page…Spring’s winding down to a close this weekend and the majority Democrats still can’t give the Press Corps a straight answer on whether

Garfield Not Quite Ready To Ride Off Into the Golf Course of Retirement

Jeffrey B. Garfield, executive director and general counsel of the State Elections Enforcement Commission, is retiring after 30 years in the agency. Although it’s effective at the end of the month,

State’s Attorney Clears Rep. O’Rourke From Criminal Charges; Donovan Responds

Here’s the report that just came out about Rep. Jim O’Rourke, D-Cromwell, who’s been under a cloud most of the year after an incident in Rocky Hill. Chief State’s Attorney Kevin T. Kane just released