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Working Families’ “Billionaire” Stunt, Sets Off Political Pogrom

Wow, just what we need in the stretch run to a new state budget: Senate Majority Leader Marty Looney going bonkers over a throw-away quote by Chris Cooper, the recently retired Rell spokesman who has

Higher Taxes On The Way For Sure: Now All We Need Is A Compromise

Yesterday’s flurry, or should be say slurry, of activity in the Capitol would, on its face, indicates that majority Democrats and the Republican governor are far apart on their budget proposals. In

Dodd’s Bad Year Continues: Prostate Surgery Next

The best thing about U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd’s announcement today that he has an early form of prostate cancer, is that he has the Cadillac of healthcare benefits, thanks to you taxpayers. He’s having a

Pols Agog Over McKinney’s Stunning 4th District Demur

It’s not so much of a vacuum as a gaping hole in the GOP bench, as Connecticut politicians today come to gripes with Senate Minority Leader John McKinney’s decision not to seek the Fourth

Name One Function Provided By The State: The DMV, Which Dems Want To Blow Up

The “Reinvention” of the state budget that majority Democrats shopped around to a few select media outlets yesterday before finally issuing a release late in the afternoon, includes a provision to

Where The Heck Is Hal Turner?

Last week’s national controversy in which Prof. Henry Lewis Gates of Harvard was confronted at his Cambridge doorstep by a Boston police officer got the Blogster wondering about racial profiling. From

Korean War Anniversary Commemorated

    It’s National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day 2009 and Gov. Rell has ordered that U.S. and State of Connecticut flags be flown at half-staff until sundown. “Thousands of Connecticut’s best and

There’s No Justice In Gravity

Look out belowwwwwww! The historic hall of the state House of Representatives is closed to the public today, blocked off with yellow caution tape after an overnight incident involving apparent metal

New Q Poll: Doodles Still in Trouble

U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd, called Doodles here to honor a nickname coined years ago in the Capitol Press Room, is still in big trouble. The Quinnipiac University Poll released this morning indicates that

Port Authority Confusion Compounded By Veto Override

HB 6649, the omnibus transportation legislation  including exciting items such as naming bridges and overpasses, was among the bills overridden by majority Democrats yesterday. The veto was a gift to