Orman, Voice of Political Experience, Analysis, Is Dead

The Blogster is saddened today by the sudden death Sunday of John Orman, 60, long-time Fairfield University professor and go-to guy for political analysis. I don’t know when I first spoke with him, but it has to go back nearly 20 years. He always provided an interesting perspective on state and local politics. In the last few years I spoke with John less, because of his involvement in first contemplating a run against U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman in 2006, then his hilarious takeover of the “Connecticut for Lieberman Party,” which was set up strictly for his independent run for re-election after the stunning loss in the 2006 primary to Nedster Lamont. The few times I sat in on his classes and interacted with his students were the most fun I’ve had in a campus setting since fleeing my own Midwestern university, like a bank robber, with my skin-of-the-teeth sheepskin.