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: August, 2009

Budget Battle Goes Surreal. Would Rell Not Sign A Budget Into Law?

Remember that $520 million in spending cuts Gov. Rell required of majority Democrats if she were to buy into $710 million in new taxes, including a 33-percent increase on those with the highest

Give Up On Getting a New Budget By September First: Deal Depends on Democrats Scrounging Up $520 Million in Spending Cuts

The Blogster’s training and experience is telling him that even though Gov. Joi Rell caved on added taxes for the state’s wealthiest, Democrats will just not come up with a requisite $520 million in

Kill The “Death Tax,” Starve The Near-Bankrupt Probate Courts

Legislative Democrats in the know say that Gov. Jodi Rell wandered into the land of unintended consequences when she proposed eliminating the inheritance tax, which kicks in on estates larger than $2

OFA to Battling Budgeteers in Oz: “These Things are Delicate, My Little Pretty…”

Back at the start of this never-ending year of budget haggling, the nonpartisan legislative Office of Fiscal Analysis correctly pegged the two-year fiscal deficit at about $8.8 billion. So they’re not

Dodd Chokes Up Over Ted Kennedy’s Death

 Here are some stray quotes from Sen. Chris Dodd’s news conference in East Haddam this afternoon on the death of Sen. Ted Kennedy. “He fought like a lion this last year. He got the mental-health

Is Rell Gonna Finally Belly Up? Budget Announcement Pending This Morning

Amid all the anticipation yesterday for a long-in-the-waiting budget deal between majority Democrats and Republican Gov. Jodi Rell, there was some kind of disconnect. While majority leaders said they

Are The Tea Leaves Lining Up? Check Your Office Pool! Rell, Dems, May Be Inching (Finally) Toward A Budget Deal

The Blogster doesn’t want to spoil a surprise, or even curse the darkness, but the possibility of rolling through the first quarter of the 2009-10 fiscal year without a budget might finally be having

Darien-Based Friends of Animals Is Fried About Idaho Wolf Hunt

Now could be the time to buy local spuds, since it’s the start of the Connecticut harvest season and Friends of Animals, Inc., wants you to boycott Idaho potatoes after Gov. Butch Otter (don’t you

Malloy Dodges Bullet on Millionaire’s Tax

Dan Malloy, the Democratic Stamford mayor and gubernatorial explorer, was just up in the Capitol complex blasting Gov. Jodi Rell’s alleged neglect of the 300 non-profit providers who help half a

McKinney Files For Marriage Dissolution

Records in the state Judicial Branch indicate that earlier this month, Senate Minority Leader John McKinney became the plaintiff in a marriage- dissolution case with his wife Megan. McKinney recently