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: September, 2009

Mystery Solved! Marconi (???) Wants To Shine A Light In Guv’s Office

Well, that would explain the first stop on next week’s Mystery Tour for Candidate X, who appears to be Ridgefield First Selectman Rudloph P. Marconi, a veteran Democrat who next week is expected to

Mystic Crystal Revelation! Another Pol Lining Up For Higher Office! But He/She Is Sparing Us Their Name

The Blogster doesn’t know about you, but he thinks that Connecticut needs more nameless Democrats to announce for “higher office.” Newsrooms throughout the state this morning were inundated with

Capitol Inundated With Ennui: No Special Session Scheduled

Let us count the way we love the General Assembly. After spending about $20,000 last week during a two-day session aimed at implementing the state budget that began July 1, no date has yet been set to

If The Phillies Were Under-.500, Would We Have A Finalized Budget?

One of the reasons why the House hemmed and hawed for hours last Thursday night over the controversial bills to implement the budget, might have had something to do with the Phillies-Brewers game. The

Staycation? How about Paycation?

The revised Democratic budget hammered through the Senate Thursday afternoon would make it even more expensive to drive and camp in Connecticut. It piles a net $50 million increase in fees, in

Genius Statue Nearing Completion, Heads Toward Chance to Again Fly Off The Capitol Dome

The Blogster loves covering the State Capitol Preservation and Restoration Committee, mostly because no other reporters ever bother with it. But the appointed group of history buffs are at least

Implementer Session Will Raid Road Aid, Clean Water Fund, Delay In-School Suspension

Just when the state was getting over its legislative hangover, the General Assembly is back today to approve bills that will implement the budget that began on July 1. Yes, reporters will be looking

Who’s More Outrageous Than Chris Healy? Not Even Nancy DiNardo.

Nancy DiNardo’s weekend blather over Gov. Rell’s Machiavellian plan to announce she was going to veto $8 million in Democratic “pork” – that her lawyers knew she no power to veto – was nearly over the

Fedele’s Schedule: Jodi’s Not The Only One Cutting Ribbons, Kissing Cows!

¬† It’s Saturday night and rather than let another day go by without a posting, the Blogster offers a guest slot to Lt. Gov. Mike Fedele, who could become a candidate for governor next year if Gov.

GOP Lawmakers, Who Still Need Big Gains At The Polls To Be Relevant, Ask Dems to Give Munies A Break

It’s Thursday afternoon and the top Republicans in the General Assembly – House Minority Leader Larry Cafero, R-Norwalk, and Senate Minority Leader John McKinney, R-Fairfield – just held a news