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: November, 2009

The Late Bill O’Neill Sure Got His Kicks On Route 66

The Release from Gov. Rell says enough about Bill O’Neill, the last Democratic governor, who once managed his family tavern in East Hampton.   ROUTE 66 TO BE RENAMED AFTER GOV. O’NEILL Tuesday, 12/1st

Fedele Plans Announcement, Possibly Wednesday, to Run for Gov

Capitol denizens are expecting Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele to launch his bid for governor this week, possibly as soon as Wednesday.

Cafero Guber Candidacy Would Add Spice, Wit, To Race To The Mansion

When it comes to elections, the Blogster believes that the more candidates, the merrier. What could be more fun that four or five Democrats (Susan Bysiewicz, Dan Malloy of Stamford, Jim Amann of

It’s Beginning To Look Alot Like A $pecial $e$$ion December 15

  As Capitol staffers decamped for their holiday weekend this afternoon  Gov. Rell, on her way out the door to visit her daughter and grandchildren in Denver, dropped the other shoe: December 15 is

Senate Race Stunner: Greens Try to Persuade Native Son Nader, 75, to Challenge Doodles

Forget Linda McMahon, the WWE exec with the bottomless pocketbook. Discount Rob Simmons, the former congressman who could not win re-election from the cowpastures or eastern Connecticut. The Blogster

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford Needs a Big-Time Hartford Lawyer

Sanford, who recently mistook his extramarital affair in Argentina for a hike on the Appalachian trail, must be getting serious about escaping an impeachment investigation. He’s hired Ross Garber, the

Caruso Leads Bridgeport Mob Storming Dracula’s Castle…..I mean, the DCF

Rep. Chris Caruso, D-Bridgeport, who led opposition last week during the public whining session in opposition to the proposed DCF treatment and detention center on Bridgeport’s Virginia Avenue, today

Doc Gunther at 90: Too Mean to Die

 George “Doc” Gunther of Stratford, the longest-serving state senator until his retirement a few years back, turned 90 yesterday and enjoyed a surprise birthday party at the Stanziale Restaurant

Don’t You Hate It When Lawmakers Can’t Obey The Law?

The Blogster just heard that second-term state Rep. Jason Bartlett, D-Bethel, vice chairman of the Appropriations Committee, was busted this week in Newtown for motor vehicle violations, including

Wanna Run For The General A$$embly Next Year? Think Twice

Geary Maher, who’s soon retiring as director of the Legislature’s nonpartisan Office of Fiscal Analysis, is retiring while the gettin’ is good. Right now, he’s painting a very-grim picture indeed for