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Lawlor’s first interview as deputy OPM designee

  Soon-to-be-former Rep. Michael P. Lawlor, D-East Haven, abandoning the Legislature after 24 years to become the criminal justice deputy in the Office of Policy and Management: “There are three goals

Judiciary Committee is losing its co-chairmen. Sen. Andrew McDonald to become Malloy’s legal counsel. Rep. Mike Lawlor to OPM

Gov.-elect Dan Malloy just announced that Lawlor, D-East Haven, a long-time lawmaker and co-chairman of the Judiciary Committee, will become underscertary of the governor’s budget office, specializing

Smokes clears, railcars – and Bpt tornado money – failed in Bond Commission last week. New commission meeting scheduled for December 22

Because Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and Comptroller Nancy Wyman took walks away from last week’s State Bond Commission meeting, a plan to purchase $81 million in new rail cars has ultimately

CBIA to Legislature: reduce costs and create jobs, for cryin’ out loud

The 10,000-member Connecticut Business & Industry Council, so ignored by majority Democrats in recent years, has issued its 2011 legislative agenda at a crucial time, as Gov.-elect Dannel Malloy

Who cares about what a cartoon portrays about Bridgeport? And have you driven up Main Street from the Golden Hill Street intersection lately?

If you drive in that corridor which is now so desolate and sad, across from the old Majestic and Poli Theaters that for decades have been pigeon condos, you can just make out, if you know where to

Jepsen’s pick for deputy AG, Nora Dannehy, put Rowland behind prison bars

Attorney General-elect George Jepsen just held a news conference announcing that veteran deputy U.S. Attorney Nora Dannehy has agreed to be his chief deputy. After the brief news conference in the

Wanna drink and drive during the holidays? The State Police will be looking for you.

 The Blogster doesn’t like inebriated drivers at all and had second thoughts about posting this schedule of State Police holiday patrols. Why tip off the drunks on locations where they might get

If Stamford wins the “Democracy Cup,” what does Bridgeport get?

Some kind of penny-saving award, possibly, in honor of the Bridgeport voter registrars low-balling the number of ballots they ordered for the state’s largest city? Or how about a voter-suppression

Blumenthal hires D.C. insider as chief of staff

Sen.-elect Dick Blumenthal today announced that he has hired a former aide of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton named Laurie Rubiner, to be his chief of staff. “Laurie brings to my office and to the people

One Jodi leaves the Capitol, another arrives

Gov. Jodi Rell will be decamping the Capitol for retirement in less than a month, but former TV reporter Jodi Latina will be joining the Senate Republicans’ communications department next week.