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: January, 2010

Chris Shays for Governor? Why Not? The Maryland Resident is Still on Bpt’s Voter Rolls!

The Blogster, ever intrigued by Chris Shays ‘ hand-wringing on getting back into politics, just called the Bridgeport voter registrars to see if he’s still registered, even though he sold the house at

Foley’$ Wallet Talking, But Not $taff, When A$ked Price of TV Buy

   Remember that Zogby Poll released for Connecticut Common Cause yesterday that showed about 80 percent of Connecticut voters approve the public-financing of elections? Yeah, well

Rell and Unions Will Sit Down This Afternoon and Talk (Concessions?)

Gov. Rell and state unions last year agreed on union concessions that saved tens of millions of dollars while protecting state workers from layoffs. This afternoon at 4, they’ll meet again in what a

Healy Rants, Larson Coos. It’s the Morning After the State-of-the Union

  The Blogster is grateful for their relatively concise summations of last night’s address by the president. Here’s first GOP State Chairman Chris Healy, doing his guerrilla politics react, followed

$40 Million in Stimulus Money Will Go to High-Speed Link From New Haven to Springfield

          Governor Jodi Rell just announced that $40 million in federal stimulus funding will be the first step toward a high-speed double track for commuter trains in the New

Shays Rattles Gubernatorial Intent, But Foley Lets His Checkbook Do His Talking

     We’re months away from the May GOP nominating convention, but Thomas C. Foley, the Greenwich millionaire whose huge fundraising for the Bush administration led to his ambassadorship to Ireland,

Ag Dept. Finally Captured that Rogue Scottish Highland Cow

A week or so ago, the state Department of Agriculture sent animal control officers to collect abused creatures at a North Haven far. But only two of the three Scottish Highland cattle, primitive

Finally, a Candidate With the Right Name to be Governor: “Oz”

We need a great and powerful governor, so the Blogster appreciates the report that Hartford business executive and former Transportation Strategy Board head R. Nelson “Oz” Griebel of Simsbury, who’s

DMV: Half of Parents Admit That Mandatory Driving Classes are Making Them Better

Here’s a news release from Bill Seymour, the communications director at the state Department of Motor Vehicles, with some editing by the Blogster. “Connecticut’s new two-hour training requirement for

CT Public Financing, Which Keeps Getting Slashed by Lawmakers, Has a Higher Approval Rating Than Even Dick Blumenthal

   Remember back in 2005 when lawmakers nearly dislocated their arms patting themselves on the back for passing campaign-finance reforms? So what if the state Senate created huge obstacles for minor