Good News For Greenwich-Millionaire-Political Novices! Foley and Lamont Out Ahead in Today’s Q Poll. Lamont Wins Hypothetical (?) November Battle for Governor’s Office



 Ned Lamont, the Greenwich telecom millionaire who used his brief experience on the local board of finance and board of selectman – and his cash – to win the 2006 US Senate primary, then went on vacation to Vermont as Joe Lieberman sealed his independent re-election run, is ahead in the race for governor, but half of Connecticut voters are undecided, according to today’s Quinnipiac University poll released today.

 Lamont’s at 27 percent, followed by Dan Malloy, the former Stamford mayor Dan Malloy, with 11 percent.  About 44 percent are undecided, though. Among Republicans, with 59-percent undecided, 17 percent favor Tom Foley, the former Irish ambassador and big-bucks fundraiser for  the Bush administration. Lt. Gov. Mike Fedele has 8 percent.

Here are the projected general-election breakdowns:

  • Lamont beats Foley 38 – 36 percent;
  • Lamont beats Fedele 41 – 32 percent;
  • Malloy defeats Foley 37 – 33 percent;
  • Malloy defeats Fedele 37 – 31 percent.

 “The big winner in the primaries for Governor is ‘Undecided,’” said Doug Schwartz, the Q Poll director. “With most of the candidates largely unknown, voters aren’t expressing a preference in the gubernatorial primaries yet.”

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4 Responses

  1. Fuzzy Dunlop says:

    Ken… I don’t think you are correct in saying that Lamont wins a hypothetical battle for Governor. His lead over Foley is within the margin of error. Not exactly a victory.

  2. Sean says:

    Interesting comment by “Bob in Bridgeport”. If Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton come back to Connecticut, Ned Lamont’s numbers will “plummet”. All it takes for a candidate to lose this person’s support, apparently, is to be seen with an African-American. Jesse Jackson has for decades been one of the foremost leaders for civil rights in America. He was standing alongside Martin Luther King, Jr. in Memphis when Dr. King was shot and killed. Whether you like it or not, Al Sharpton is also a leader in the African-American community, and has spoken out against injustices inflicted on the Black community. Is racial equality something that bothers you? Is it simply the sight of African-Americans standing alongside White people that bothers you?

    Joe Lieberman pushed hard to get Reverend Jackson’s and Reverend Sharptons’ endorsements. But when they supported Ned Lamont, the Lieberman campaign turned to the ugliest sort of race-baiting to smear Mr. Lamont. And some of Mr. Lieberman’s supporters seem to be perfectly comfortable with continuing that race-baiting today.

    What a shame.

  3. Bob of Bridgeport says:

    Have Lamont bring both Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton back to Connecticut like he did against Lieberman and watch his numbers plummet.

  4. Sean Goldrick says:

    Let’s tell the truth, Mr. Dixon, shall we? Ned Lamont’s experience in elected office in Greenwich, Connecticut, the state’s eighth largest municipality, spanned seven years. Is that what you call “brief”? Mr. Lamont served on the town’s finance board, or Board of Estimates and Taxation, and he served on the three-member board of selectmen. Mr. Lamont, a Democrat, also ran for the Connecticut state senate from the 36th district, which you should know has not sent a Democrat to the General Assembly since World War I.

    You also conveniently left out another fact about Mr. Lamont: that he managed Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in Connecticut, and skillfully helped engineer Mr. Obama’s victory on Super Tuesday in 2008. Connecticut was the only New England state Obama won in the primaries.

    Mr. Lamont has also lectured on politics at Harvard and Western Connecticut State University and helped establish a research institute for public policy at WCSU.

    And of course you should have admitted that Mr. Lamont’s primary win in 2006 provided the spark that ignited the political wild fire that led to the Democrats’ retaking both houses of Congress in 2006.

    Though you are obsessed with Mr. Lamont’s personal financial resources, you failed to point out that Joe Lieberman, awash in millions in cash from Republican special interests, outspent Mr. Lamont in the general election by a wide margin. You also should have pointed out that a series of opinion polls beginning in 2007 conducted by Research 2000 revealed that Connecticut voters regretted their votes for Lieberman, and that in a rematch Ned Lamont would defeat Joe Lieberman by increasingly wider margins.

    Q Poll director Doug Schwartz is doing what he always does- shill for the Republicans. Ned Lamont came out of the box strong, in the first poll trailing front-runner Susan Bysiewicz by only three percentage points, and that seems to have motivated her to change to the AG race. Far from “undecided” being the winner as Schwartz deceptively claims, Ned Lamont is the clear favorite, defeating all Democratic challengers and all Republican challengers.

    It’s time to tell the truth, Mr. Dixon. Ned Lamont is no “novice”. He’s the favorite in this state, and his popularity has continued to build since his senatorial campaign three years ago. Denigrating Ned Lamont’s candidacy and his capabilities is Fox News-style journalism. This state deserves far better from its press corps.