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: March, 2010

Sacred Heart University Will Sponsor a Candidates’ Petting Zoo on April 13

  Gary L. Rose, chairman of the Department of Government & Politics at Sacred Heart University, has informed the Blogster that a “Candidates Day,” will be held in the University Commons on

The Blogster Asks: What’s the Second Most-Ignored State Law?

  We all know the speed limits are the most widely ignored laws. You see it everyday, from interstates to suburban back roads. The Blogster asks readers today what’s the second ? Is it the rule that

Ultra-con Radio Will Prepare Larson for Sixth Graders

  The Blogster doesn’t write very often about U.S. Rep. John Larson, the Democrat from the First District, but his schedule tomorrow is pretty funny. From 7 until 8 a.m., Larson will talk about health

How Hard is the Rain? It’s Finally Dripping in the Capitol Press Room

It’s kind of a regular thing now that when it rains hard in Hartford, the water sneaks under the panes in the east and west atriums. Hence the row of garbage cans collecting drips near the statue of

Williams, Who Couldn’t Come Up With a Budget Bill That Would Attract His Full Caucus, Calls for House Vote, “Leadership” Meeting With Rell

So at 5 p.m. Friday Senate President Don Williams and Speaker of the House Chris Donovan stood side by each and promised to ram through a deficit-mitigation plan to erase the half-billion-dollar

It’s Noon. Do You Know Where Your Judiciary Committee Is?

They’ve been in caucus since before 10. There’s a looming 5 p.m. deadline to act. So there will be a trail of tears throughout the afternoon as debate eats up minutes and hours and bills die on the

Strike Two for Sen. McLachlan in GAE

Fresh from the defeat of his “10th Amendment” resolution in the Government Administration & Elections Committee, Sen. Michael McLachlan, R-Danbury, reached into his stack of amendments and came up

Wow! Who Says the State Senate is Dysfunctional? Oh yeah, the Blogster

It’s a little early in this do-nothing legislative session to have dead-of-the-night debates, but Senate majority Democrats will caucus tonight at 6, making sure public discussion of the

Pour a Cup ‘o’ Tea! Attempt to Revive “10th Amendment” Resolution Dies in GAE Committee

Amendment X of US Constitution “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Sen.

Stop The Presses! Senate Might Go Into Session Today to Tackle the $500-million Deficit (But Probably Won’t)

Leadership is just a word in the Capitol. The fact is the deficit is $500 in the budget that ends June 30. The fact is Democrats run the House and Senate. The fact is Senate Dems are planning, maybe,