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: May, 2010

Around for Four Years, Expanded Elections Enforcement Unit Claims They’re Still the New Guys and Are Unfamiliar With State Regulations

Granted, the US Second Circuit could turn the all-powerful, all-knowing, expanded State Elections Enforcement Commission into burueacratic dust bunnies any day now and throw out the state’s entire,

For You Folks Keeping Score at Home

   The current scorecard of bills and vetoes shows Gov. Jodi Rell has signed 94 into law and vetoed seven, with some more, but nothing major like the energy-reform legislatrion she quashed the other

Blumenthal Loses 25 Percent of His Support and It Would Still Be a 25-point Landslide: Q Poll

Doug Schwartz, Q Poll director, today speaking about the U.S. Senate smackdown between Attorney General Dick Blumenthal and wrestling impresario Linda McMahon: “He leads McMahon by 25 points. he has

Expo Center’s Final Insult: Lights Out

The Blogster has decamped from the Democrats’…ah…party for the better wired confines of the Capitol, where the WiFi always works and the eletricity stays on. Promptly at 6:30, the power to the

DiNardo: Cost of Dems’ Two-Day Party is $80K. Value of Energizing Democrats: Priceless

Nancy DiNardo of Trumbull, the now-smiling Democratic State chairwoman, is finally looking relaxed and happy, having throw a successful two-day nominating party. Blogster: “What are you smiling for?

Primaries Ahead, Dems Gavel Convention Over at 5:26 p.m.

The scramble is on for August 10. Cancel that house in Truro.

Kevin Lembo, State Health Care Advocate, Becomes the First Openly Gay Candidate for Constitutional Office

Not that it matters, but Kevin Lembo of Guilfiord just introduced his spouse Charles, while accepting the nomination for state comptroller. Lost in the conversation about diversity in the Democratic

Ice Cream Treats Reveal Intrigue on Comptroller Race

Gerry Garcia of New Haven is sponsoring a tent outside the Connecticut Expo Center, offering free cups of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and raising his profile as a long-shot candidate for Secretary of

Dem Delegates Stagger Into the Expo Center

It’s Saturday morning and delegates are arriving suitably late for the alleged starting time of 8:30, it being 8:29 as the Blogster types this and hits “publish.” Could be a nice long day before

Blumenthal, the New US Senate Nominee, Blows off the Press????

Yikes, Attorney General Dick Blumenthal just did a John Rowland, essentially blowing off reporetrs at the Expo Center after his triumphant US Senate nomination. Good time to get into a bunker