DiNardo: Cost of Dems’ Two-Day Party is $80K. Value of Energizing Democrats: Priceless


Nancy DiNardo of Trumbull, the now-smiling Democratic State chairwoman, is finally looking relaxed and happy, having throw a successful two-day nominating party.

Blogster: “What are you smiling for? You have primaries for lieutenant governor, governor, secretary of the state and comptroller. What did you accomplish for that $80,000 pricetag?”

DiNardo: “We have a lot of people excited about being Democrats. People came here and really energized the convention. There were old-fashioned fights. We have people energized and the primaries, I believe, will excite us. They weren’t bitter fights.”

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  1. reader says:

    Great job Nancy! Now we move on to $$$ vs. experience.