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: June, 2010

Rell to New York: Give Us Your Poor, Your Tired…Hedge-Fund Managers?

That’s what Connecticut needs: more hedge funders, who along with investment bankers and their exotic financial instruments, inflated the housing bubble, then got us to bail them out. Rell today,

Marie, State Transit Commish, Goes the Way of Losing Baseball Managers: “Spending More Time With Family.”

The Blogster looks askance at today’s announced resignation of state Transportation Commissioner Joseph Marie, since it’s practically on the heels of this month’s embarrassing scene at Bradley

State Auditors, the Scourge of Bumbling Bureaucrats, Will Stay for Six More Months

Auditors of Public Accounts Kevin Johnston of Pomfret and Bob Jaekle of Stratford were scheduled to retire at the end of the month. But leaders of the General Assembly have asked them to stay on for

Fedele Will Be Able to Run With Foley. He’s Close to Collecting the Threshold For Public Financing

Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele plans to announce tomorrow that he has collected the $250,000 in under-$100 campaign contributions that will make him eligible for the $1.25 million for the GOP primary August

So Who Has More Handlers, Dick Blumenthal or Linda McMahon? And What’s There to Handle?

The Blogster is thoroughly amused, and so late on a late-Monday afternoon, no less. He is reminded by a colleague, who was looking for an inane “isn’t this a nice parade” quote from Linda McMahon, the

Staycation Everyone? Labriola Says He Won’t Need a Bad Economy To Keep Primary Voters Home on August 10

Jerry Labriola of Naugatuck doesn’t have a primary. He’s already the Republican candidate to challenge U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-3. But Labriola does have a theory that’s counter to the nearly

Glassman, Candidate for LG, Will File FOI Complaint Against State Bond Commission

Mary Glassman, Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, said a few minutes ago in the Capitol Press Room that on Monday, she intends to file a complaint with the state Freedom of Information

DeNardis, Failed Republican Candidate, Sees the Future and It’s Tom Foley As GOP Guber Nominee

Larry DeNardis, the former congressman and University of New Haven president, will endorse Tom Foley, the convention-endorsed Republican candidate for governor, this morning at 11 in the Hamden Town

Nedster Harkens the Political Ghost of Another (Former) Greenwich Gov.

The Blogster is stunned that Ned Lamont, the Greenwich millionaire running for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, just quoted Lowell “Big Guy” Weicker’s 1990 campaign battle cry:“I’ll be

What Kind of “Break” is This?

Halfway through the Democratic guneratorial debate, NBC 30 cut to commercial. What were the ads? One was for Ned Lamont and another was for Dan Malloy. Nothing like unfiltered propaganda to make you