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: August, 2010

Linda McMahon Says She’ll Rip Off Dick Blumenthal’s Head and Eat It Like a Rock Star

Well, not really, but the GOP candidate for U.S. Senate, speaking to reporters before the almost-annual Crocodile Club roast at Lake Compounce, did reveal a campaign secret. Blogster: “Would you

Independent Gubernatorial Candidate Tom Marsh on Energy Policy

  Independent gubernatorial candidate Tom Marsh, Chester’s first selectman, leans up against his 1992 Jaguar (“I only put about 3,000 miles a year on it”) convertible, which he bought used and talks

Foley: Malloy is Too Cozy With the Unions. Malloy: Yeah? So What?

Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley is wearing his lack of union support like a red badge of courage, with the apparent hopes that his lack of union endorsements will be offset by mainstream,

Prognosticator at Governing/Politics Mag Has Blumenthal Running for Governor; Jepsen is Former “House” Majority Leader.

Lou Jacobson at Governing/Politics has just posted an article in which he predicts “ominous” times for Democrats in various state attorney general races around the country,

Care About Deer Damage and Lyme Disease? Better Track Down Tom Foley and Dannel Malloy and Let Them Know.

The Blogster, following up on a report last week on the hefty $180 million in damages to public health and property done by deer in Fairfield County each year, had the opportunity to test the two

Tom Marsh, Independent Candidate for Governor (Yes He Qualified Via Petition) Becomes the First to Fulfill Campaign Promise

The Blogster made a point of following up on Chester First Selectman Tom Marsh’s pre-gubernatorial primary promise to kids at Stamford’s Yerwood Center to give them ice cream on August 10, primary

Bridgeport Lawmakers Today Will Discuss Ways to Avoid Foreclosure

 State Sens. Ed Gomes of Bridgeport and Anthony Musto of Trumbull, two Democrats, will meet this afternoon to discuss the various tactics and programs that troubled homeowners can use to avoid losing

Washington Delegation Pushes For Bridgeport/Stratford Tornado Relief

   Connecticut’s Congressional delegation has asked President Obama to declare Fairfield County a major disaster area from the June 24 tornado in order to make federal aid available to Bridgeport and

Count Your Fingers and Get Ready for Legal Fireworks in CT

The Tax Foundation today released a new report on what states raised – or reduced – which taxes this year and for a change, Connecticut is mentioned only in passing for having its sales-tax-free week,

Rell: Current Deficit is the Feds’ Fault (!!??!!)

Despite an uptick in tax collections, Gov. M. Jodi Rell – on her way to a vacation in North Carolina – announced via her media staff today that a dropoff in federal funding and higher costs for social