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: September, 2010

New Laws Kick in at Midnight. Drivers With Hand-Held Cellphones Will Take Bigger Chances

This from Gov. Jodi Rell today on new laws kicking in tomorrow morning, including expanded penalties for distracted driving and more protection for the young and elderly. Here’s the governor’s release

No Wonder Connecticut is in STEAP Budget Decline. Bonding Money Spread Like Election-Year Lard on Southwestern CT Toast

Wonder how state debt service becomes $1.7-billion in a $19-billion budget? Here’s the list of Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP) projects just in SW Connecticut that will get state ca$h

Other Lawmakers’ Pork is Convenient Election-Year Bacon

 The Blogster likes funding for the arts as well as the next person, although when Republican fiscal conservatives who bloviate against the state budget on the floor of the Senate gush about state

New Q Poll Tightens the Governor’s Race to 3 Points, Leaving Us With Two Major-Party Candidates Claiming They Are Underdogs

Democrat Dannel Malloy and Republican Tom Foley, speaking to reporters prior to a forum on tourism before about 1,000 people in the Connecticut Convention Center, both claimed to be the underdog

Linda McMahon Enjoying Dead Heat With Dick Blumenthal in New U.S. Senate Poll

Too bad those pesky print/online reporters showed up at what was to have been an all-broadcast availability in Linda McMahon’s West Hartford office. The Blogster thinks it would have been very

Experts Say Next Governor Faces Many Transit Challenges

Joseph J. McGee, vice president of public policy and programs at the Business Council of Fairfield County, said last week that the state needs a governor willing to invest in the state’s economic

Gov. Jodi Rell, at Pizzeria Tomorrow in Newington, Will Order a Pie to Set Tone for End of Her Term: Lame Duck With Buffalo Mozz

At 3 p.m. tomorrow the governor will kick off the third annual “Connecticut Restaurant Week” at Joey’s Garlic Pizzeria, 150 Kitts Lane, in the Shaw’s Plaza off the Berlin Turnpike in Newington. The

Foley is Late-Breaking Participant in Gubernatorial-Education Forum

Folks at the Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now (ConnCAN) advocacy group just notified the Blogster that Tom Foley, the Republican gubernatorial candidate, has agreed to join Democrat Dannel

New Q Poll on U.S. Senate Race Will Come Out Early Tomorrow. How Close Can World Wrestling Entertainment’s Linda McMahon Get?

Quinnipiac University Poll Director Douglas Schwartz, Ph.D., tomorrow will release the latest survey of likely voters and their preferences for U.S. Senate. The Blogster wonder how close Linda

Forget the Chocolate-Covered Bacon. This Year It’s Chocolate-Covered Jalapenos (?!?!?!) at the Big E

Yeah, the bacon was pretty disgusting, in a tasty, sort of heart-stopping, gloriously self-destructive way. Don’t worry, that’s still there, but this year, cocoa heads might want to consider