Foley Slams Democratic Claims on Campaign-Finance Reports


Liz Osborn, Republican Tom Foley’s gubernatorial campaign spokeswoman, in a phone interview with the Blogster, just dismissed Democratic State Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo’s claims that Foley has violated state election law.

 Here’s Osborn’s statement:

“This complaint is frivolous and an attempt to divert attention from Dan Malloy’s plan to raise taxes on Connecticut’s working families. The Foley for Governor campaign has complied with all SEEC regulations and will continue to do so. Connecticut law and SEEC rules make it clear that the Foley campaign must file “initial supplemental statetments” no later than 48 hours or 24 hours as of October 15, after receiving the funds or making or incurring the expenditure exceeding 90 percent of the participating candidate’s applicable general-election expenditure limit. Dan Malloy has taken $6 million of taxpayer dollars for this general-election campaign, therefore the 90 percent threshold is $5.4 million. The Foley campaign has not met that $5.4 million threshold for the general election. If, and, or when the Foley campaign meets that threshold, we will file the required initial supplemental statement in a timely manner.”