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Blumenthal expects FDA to ban alcoholic energy drinks. DeLauro and Farrell pile on.

 Attorney General Dick Blumenthal expects the FDA to ban AED. That makes yesterday’s agreement with state liquor distributors to ban the stuff in mid-December slightly suspect. Here’s Blumenthal’s

Yikes! Secy of the State’s website puts gubernatorial totals in dollars and $en$e?

The good news is that Dannel Malloy’s victory margin has not changed in a couple days. It is still at 6,707 on the SOTS website. But there was a reposting that makes it look like Malloy, Republican

Malloy in Washington today to get a picture of the land$cape

  Governor-elect Dannel Malloy is in the field today, meeting with officials in the federal Housing and Urban Development Department and the the Department of Transportation. The Blogster realizes he

Liquor distributors to suspend sales of Four Loko

You’ve probably heard of those alcoholic energy drinks that are making college students pass out around the country. Gov. Jodi Rell and Department of Consumer Protection Commissioner Jerry Farrell

Another change in the gubernatorial voting totals? It’s true.

The Secretary of the State’s website has yet again tweaked the totals in the governors race. Last Friday Dannel Malloy’s victory plurality was 6,708 votes over Republican Tom Foley. Today it’s 6,707.

Want to be like Dannel? Here’s your own private budget

Just in case you think being governor’s going to be easy, here’s the smoldering ruins that Dan Malloy will be left with on January 5. Gov. Jodi Rell gave it to him a while ago as part of the

Appropriations Committee is reviewing a $158-million deficiency in DSS budget

Brenda Sisco, acting secretary of the Office of Policy and Management and Paul Potamianos, executive budget officer in OPM, are explaining to the Appropirations Committee why the Department of Social

Tall Task? That’s putting it mildly. CBIA on the road ahead

This from the Connecticut Business & Industry Association:   “Gov.-elect Malloy, New Legislature Face Tall Task Connecticut’s Governor-elect Dan Malloy had an impressive track record in economic

Malloy Statement on Veterans Day

This in from Governor-elect Dannel Malloy: “Today we pause and remember the men and women who have served in our nation’s Armed Forces, protecting our homeland and our way of life. Regardless of

Another day, another change in the gubernatorial totals

Democrat Dan Malloy’s margin of victory changed again, according to the latest revisions on the Secretary of the State’s website. Yesterday, he had 567,678 votes and Republican Tom Foley had 560,873.