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How divorced from reality are the inarticulate, narrow-minded Shelton High School administrators? Let us count the Tates.

This surreal chapter at Shelton High School very nearly roped the General Assembly into what should have been a non-news issue. It also underscores the need for more teachers and fewer administrators

Markley on Supreme Court loss: c’es la vie

  Sen. Joe Markley, R-Southington, speaking to reporters in the Capitol Press Room on Thursday afternoon, said he was disappointed that the high court did not rule on the merits of his complaint that

If House, Senate, have to legislate on Shelton Prom Boy, would “give the kid the money” be too far behind?

James Tate won’t miss much if he doesn’t go to the Shelton High senior prom. Chances are, the dance will be lousy with the kind of neolithic deans and administrators who crush imagination and

Supremes Rule Against Sen. Joe Markley, says state cannot be sued over taxation

From the state high court’s decision against Sen. Joe Markley’s lawsuit against the state budget process. Here is the bottom line from the decision and footnotes. “The plaintiff’s action arose from a

Prom-boy bill won’t go in the House today

Legislation provoked by James Tate’s suspension from the Shelton High School senior prom will not go ahead in the House today, as they have embarked on an afternoon-long excursion into the issue of

House Minority Leader Larry Cafero attempts to trash “captive audience” bill

Cafero, R-Norwalk, and other Republicans and exactly four hours into the debate on the pro-union “captive audience” bill, which they say would increase the cost of doing business in the state. “If you

Senate targets phony autism therapists

   People who palm themselves off as board-certified behavior analysts could be charged with felonies under legislation just unanimously approved in the Senate. It moves to the House for final action.

Korean War veterans who dropped out of high school to serve will be given their HS diplomas

The Senate, after a brief debate, just agreed to put a bill on their consent calendar, which amounts to final action on legislation that would grant high school diplomas to people who dropped out of

Public Safety Committee (barely) votes to reduce “enhanced” perimeter for drug dealers, users

The Public Safety Committee voted 13-10 today to cut the 1,500-foot perimeter around schools and daycare centers to 200 feet, after years of concerns from urban lawmakers who note that the 1,500 feet

Malloy will take the ‘ink’ out of pink slips. Targeted workers will get the bad news face to face.

Colleen Flanagan, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s spokeswoman: “It’s our preference that the notice for layoffs be given in person, if at all possible. If that’s not possible, workers will be notified by