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: October, 2011

Blogster asks Gov. Malloy all the tough questions about the new vote boards in state House of Reps

Tales from the audio tape The Blogster, at Gov. Dannel Malloy’s monthly news conference after the State Bond Commission: “So for $800,000 for the tote board in the House, shouldn’t they be getting,

Session started at 11:10, recessed for caucuses at 11:16

The Houses caucuses begin. Senate about to convene.

House will gavel at 11 am for the big “jobs” special session; adopt rules, then slide into caucus

Don’t expect things to move quickly today, because lawmakers, like armies, move on their stomachs. After gaveling into special session, the House will adopt rules, then recess into caucus/lunch, where

Gov Malloy wants new biomedical engineering program at UConn

For those science, technology, engineering and math types who want to be able to stay in the state after graduation, Gov. Dannel Malloy said Tuesday he is negotiating with UConn President Susan Herbst

Who need$ Broadway? Connecticut lawmaker$ will $ee their name$ in light$ to the tune of $800,000

The State Bond Commission on Friday is set to approve $800,000 for the purchase and installation of new electronic voting boards for the House of Representatives in the State Capitol. Let’s see, $800K

Malloy pulls mask off “Halloween” brainstorm, shouts “Boo!”

Gov. Dannel Malloy, caught in Westport this afternoon, discounted Rep. Tim Larson’s (D-East Hartford) idea that the governor should declare the last Saturday of each October as Halloween, so kids and

Beverage of choice at Finch fund-raiser wasn’t tea

The guest of honor of honor over in Bridgeport’s Brooklawn neighborhood wasn’t US Sen. Dick Blumenthal who told about 100 supporters of Mayor Bill Finch: “Hey I’ve crashed better parties than this,”

Connecticut Conference of Munies offers five-point program to foster economic growth

The CCM just issued their proposal for the special session on jobs set for Wednesday: 1) create state/local economic teams to expedite permitting and development assistance. 2) allow munies to

Gadhafi’s body via AP @ Connecticut Post. Reacts from the President and Rep. Tong, D-Stamford Rep. William Tong, D-Stamford, became the first US Senate candidate to respond: “I am

Gov. Malloy, who hasn’t made an endorsement for Bridgeport mayor, will shake hands with Bill Finch next Monday

The site will be a fund-raising event Monday night in the Brooklawn home of John F. Stafstrom Jr., former Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee chairman. The cocktail reception will be from 6 until 8