Malloy is down with his brothers and sisters at “Occupy Hartford”

The scene: Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s economic summit in the Connecticut Convention Center. In meeting room 11, he hosts a morning news conference to pitch an association called the Startup America Partnership, which if approved by the General Assembly later in the month, would foster young businesses and help create jobs.

Blogster: “Governor, speaking of jobs, do you have an opinion about the people who are organizing the Occupy Hartford protests spinoff of the Wall Street people? A couple hundred gathered yesterday afternoon….”

Malloy: “Listen, I think there’s a great frustration in the United States. We have a Congress that is refusing to take up a jobs-creation bill. We live in a country where infrastructure is failing us on a daily basis and other states are vastly exceeding our level of investment. There are many reasons for people to be frustrated in our economy. And in a democracy it is appropriate to represent that frustration as long as you do it in a peaceful and law-abiding way.”

Blogster: “Would you go down there and talk to them at some point?”

Malloy: “It’s entirely possible that I will talk to those folks. I suspect that I talk to those folks everyday, because I know I’m talking to frustrated people every day.”