Gov. Malloy catty about chances of NBC Sports relocating to old Clairol site in Stamford’s Cove

Approached by two reporters in the Capitol, the governor indicated a comment on the issue may be forthcoming after his 2 p.m. meeting with commissioners.

Here’s the tape transcript:
Malloy: I’m doing a press avail after the 2 o’clock.
Reporter: You’ll confirm the Clairol site then?
Malloy walking toward his Capitol office: Clairol is a company that was once in Stamford and is owned by Pitney Bowes and no longer is at that site, if that’s what you’re asking about.
Reporter: Is NBC Sports going to go to that site, governor?
Malloy: NBC Sports is received on many TV throughout the world and some of them are in Connecticut.

The governor then walked down the stairs