Nine more state employees suspected of fraud in D-SNAP

That brings the total up to 24. Here’s the governor’s release:

“Governor Dannel P. Malloy today announced that the Department of Social Services and the Office of Labor Relations has notified several state agencies of an additional nine employees who are suspected of filing false and misleading applications under the D-SNAP program as the state continues its ongoing investigation.  In addition, the 15 employees whose names were submitted to agencies last week have been given letters notifying them of the date for their individual administrative hearings.

“We have a zero tolerance policy for the misuse or abuse of government programs in this administration,” Governor Malloy said.  “While the addition of nine administrative hearings is troubling, I want the residents of Connecticut to know that this is an ongoing investigation, and I am determined to leave no stone unturned.  In addition to losing their jobs, anyone caught defrauding our government will be referred immediately to the proper authorities.  The days of looking the other way are over.”

The Governor also outlined the process by which state employees can provide tips of fraud and abuse of public funds while remaining anonymous.

“Since we first announced the administration’s investigation into the federal emergency food assistance program last week, my office has been contacted by state employees who want to report unethical practices but wish to do so anonymously,” Governor Malloy explained.  “The Office of the Auditors of Public Accounts, which is operated under the management of the state legislature, has a whistleblower unit designed to protect the identities of anyone who makes such a report.  I strongly urge any Connecticut resident who is aware of misuse or misappropriation of public funds and wants to remain anonymous to contact that office, understanding that their identities will be protected.”

Tips can be submitted either in writing or by telephone to:

State of Connecticut Auditors of Public Accounts

210 Capitol Avenue

Hartford, CT 06106

Toll free: (800) 797-1702

Locally: (860) 240-5305


The Governor is urging anyone with knowledge of corruption, unethical practices, or abuse to come forward so that it can be investigated.  Additional information on rights and protections for whistleblowers can be found on the Office of the Attorney General’s website.”

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3 Responses

  1. Ken Dixon says:

    Their identity is protected under state disciplinary rules that were part of their union contracts.

  2. sadinbpt says:

    Why can’t you post their names? Thieves!

  3. James Ricci says:

    The Governor can make it sound like things have changed, he might even believe it himself, but the reality is any state worker that tries to tell the real story about the mismanagement of State agencies has to go to the Auditors of Public Accounts first —- What’s interesting is one of the new commissioners Robert Ward when confronted with a scandal in his old department ( DMV) appointed the managers who failed to do their jobs in the first place to investigate themselves ( Documented).
    If the auditors find in your favor it goes to the Attorney Generals office — If a finding of wrong doing is brought forth then the Attorney Generals office will defend the agency it just investigated. I encourage anyone who wants to change the system to come forward, but have no illusions the system is stacked against you. The price for doing the right thing might not be what you expected.
    Jim Ricci