Capitol $alary envy 2012. Here’s what everyone is making.

Here’s the Blogster’s annual listing of Capitol employees and salaries, released under the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act..      
Acosta, Adrian Capitol Police Officer         57,126  
Adams, Christopher R Caucus Employee         91,128  
Adams, Terrance Associate Legislative Analyst         62,527  
Alderucci, Paul Manager (ITS)       105,228  
Alfonso, Amanda Caucus Employee         35,000  
Allo, Jacquelyn M Senior ITS Analyst         96,327  
Antinerella, Frances Office Technician         45,041  
Appleton, Timothy Caucus Employee         41,504  
Arnold, Mary Evelyn Legislative Analyst II         60,413  
Ashburn, Christine M. Chief Legislative Analyst       120,740  
Askham, Patricia Caucus Employee         39,330  
Axson, Jamie Corporal         58,517  
Ayala, Antonio C Caucus Employee         66,910  
Ayers, Neil A. Principal Legislative Analyst       119,004  
Bacewicz, Luke Caucus Employee         39,000  
Baird, David Caucus Employee         52,500  
Baltimore, Richard Caucus Employee         75,000  
Bannister, Heather Associate Legislative Attorney         78,739  
Barry, John N. Caucus Employee         60,579  
Barter, Jeffrey Sergeant         65,503  
Bartolomeo, Melissa Principal ITS Analyst       100,217  
Bazinet, Jamison Caucus Employee         47,000  
Beccaro, William P Caucus Employee         60,045  
Beckman, David Senior ITS Analyst         84,759  
Beisel, Brian Principal Legislative Analyst       122,884  
Berlyn, Dina B Caucus Employee         75,000  
Bermudez, Michael Capitol Police Officer         51,706  
Berner, Bree M. Caucus Employee         97,700  
Bernier, Jennifer Associate Legislative Analyst         97,256  
Blancato, Allison Caucus Employee         36,954  
Blanchard, Deborah A Supervising Committee Administ         75,453  
Blaney, Thomas Caucus Employee         35,000  
Bonhomme, Peninnah Caucus Employee         34,894  
Booth, Pamela B. Committee Administrator         70,010  
Bordieri, Anne Legislative Analyst         50,632  
Bouchard, Diane M. Senior Office Technician         53,858  
Bowsza, Jason Caucus Employee         37,920  
Boyle, Timothy Corporal         58,517  
Breiner, Kirstin Caucus Employee         34,894  
Breslin, Katherine Caucus Employee         44,000  
Brett, Phyllis H. Caucus Employee         77,000  
Breyan, Maureen Legislative Secretary         40,359  
Bruetsch, John Security Technician         45,184  
Buchanan, Linda S Caucus Employee         65,242  
Buckley, Melissa Caucus Employee         76,590  
Buffington, Deborah I Caucus Employee         76,742  
Calabrese, Christopher Caucus Employee         40,000  
Calandro, Alan P. Director,OFA       147,215  
Caliendo, Diana Supervising Editor         83,888  
Cardone, Clarisa Senior Legislative Secretary         48,546  
Carillo, Chatham Caucus Employee         55,562  
Carlisle, Elouise M Services Officer         75,396  
Caron, Jacqueline Caucus Employee         54,275  
Caroti, Robert L Senior ITS Analyst         87,996  
Carroll, Anne Brennan Chief Legislative Attorney       120,974  
Carson, James Caucus Employee         55,000  
Cassidy, Karol O Payroll/Personnel Assistant         59,280  
Cassis, Glenn A. Dir,African-Amer Affairs Comm       106,200  
Castillo, Michelle Principal Legislative Analyst       122,884  
Chaffee Jr., Donald J. Principal Legislative Analyst       112,064  
Chaput, John Caucus Employee         39,713  
Chen, Duke Associate Legislative Analyst         62,527  
Chiara, Adam Caucus Employee         35,000  
Cicero, Georgette Caucus Employee         42,298  
Clark, Ann M Permanent Assistant Clerk         93,790  
Clark, Sarah Caucus Employee         42,500  
Clarke, Maree Caucus Employee         50,057  
Coatta, Nancy Caucus Employee         50,000  
Cody, Brett Caucus Employee       105,475  
Cogswell, Gregg Caucus Employee         42,000  
Cohen, Robin Principal Legislative Analyst       122,884  
Collazo, Marta Caucus Employee         43,671  
Colon, Miriam Senior Legislative Secretary         53,858  
Conlin, Catherine Chief Legislative Analyst       143,648  
Connery, Eric N. Facilities Engineer         96,327  
Conroy, Elizabeth Senior Legislative Secretary         46,055  
Conroy, Valerie Caucus Employee         83,000  
Cook, Lawrence Caucus Employee         71,576  
Cordima, Christopher Associate Legislative Attorney         81,495  
Covey, Elizabeth Library Assistant         53,858  
Cronin, Michael J Caucus Employee       112,500  
Cullinan, Courtney Caucus Employee         68,500  
Daly, Mary Ann Caucus Employee         49,399  
D’Angona, Aurora Caucus Employee         35,000  
D’Auria, Bryan Clerk’s Office Assistant         45,263  
Davis, Gregg Caucus Employee         58,677  
DeLorenzo, Anita* Calendar Clerk         30,289  
Deschenes, Peggy Caucus Employee         90,252  
DeSorbo, Ann-Louise Journal Clerk         67,604  
Diaz, Reymundo Capitol Police Officer         57,126  
Dilworth, Daniel Legislative Analyst         50,632  
Diorio, Christopher Caucus Employee         45,000  
Donovan, Arthur Chief Legislative Attorney       143,648  
Dooley, John Caucus Employee         51,500  
Douglas, Robert Caucus Employee         76,324  
Downes, Michael Caucus Employee         70,000  
Doyle, Dan Caucus Employee         34,894  
Drew, Joseph Facilities Project Manager         65,616  
Driscoll, Scott Capitol Police Officer         55,462  
Driscoll, Susan Caucus Employee         42,136  
Drummond, Denise Senior Legislative Secretary         53,857  
Dube, Nicole Associate Legislative Analyst         81,495  
Duffy, Maryellen Principal Legislative Analyst       122,884  
Dwyer, Katherine Legislative Analyst II         60,413  
Effren, Jackie Caucus Employee         42,500  
Eigo, Gervacio Senior ITS Analyst         89,759  
Evarts, Michael Caucus Employee         77,189  
Fede, Rebecca H Principal ITS Analyst       100,217  
Feinmark, Russell Caucus Employee         63,174  
Feole, Rino G. Senior ITS Analyst         96,327  
Ferrari, Mark Caucus Employee         50,408  
Ferruggiaro, Elizabeth Legislative Analyst II         62,527  
Figueroa, Johnny Caucus Employee         59,906  
Figueroa, Nellie A. Caucus Employee         61,953  
Finnegan, Mary E Supervising Committee Administ         83,888  
Fitzgerald, Jill Caucus Employee         36,000  
Fleming, Yvette D. Caucus Employee         68,578  
Fletcher, Christopher M. Caucus Employee         50,400  
Flood, Kevin** Information Officer         73,787  
Forte’, Sandra D. Senior Executive Assistant         75,396  
Forzano, Frank A Bill Clerk         60,286  
Fournier, Kelley Caucus Employee         33,000  
Frisman, Paul Principal Legislative Analyst       110,247  
Fritz, Wendy Caucus Employee         46,742  
Fryxell, Christopher Caucus Employee         45,000  
Furlow, Andrea Caucus Employee         35,000  
Gallo, George Caucus Employee       149,000  
Galvin, Donna G Senior ITS Analyst         96,327  
Ganzman, Tatyana Senior ITS Analyst         88,196  
Gavigan, Teresa S Caucus Employee         69,782  
Gellman, Christina G. Principal Legislative Analyst       122,884  
Genovesi, Alexander Caucus Employee         34,650  
Gerratana, Gregory Caucus Employee         35,000  
Getsie, Dorothy J Caucus Employee         65,000  
Giannaros, Elizabeth Caucus Employee         36,032  
Giansanti Jr, James E. Capitol Police Officer         51,326  
Gilgosky, Richard Security Technician         45,184  
Giorgio, Audrey Legislative Secretary         38,994  
Gjede, Eric Associate Legislative Attorney         81,495  
Goicoechea-Hernandez, Luzselenia Special Projects Coordinator         88,855  
Goldschmidt, Melissa P. Caucus Employee         57,838  
Gonzalez, Jose Daniel Assistant ITS Analyst         64,067  
Goodwine, Michael Caucus Employee         43,542  
Gorborino, James E ITS Analyst         72,930  
Gordon, Subira Caucus Employee         40,000  
Gould, Christine Administrative Assistant         42,377  
Grabka, Alfred Senior ITS Analyst         89,329  
Graesser, Christine Principal Legislative Analyst       102,619  
Graham, Ellen Caucus Employee         36,000  
Gray, Eric Associate Legislative Analyst         62,527  
Grayson, Lori Staff Assistant         67,604  
Greene, Kenneth Director,ITS       130,820  
Greenfield, Jeffrey Caucus Employee       116,223  
Gresko, Joseph Caucus Employee         43,000  
Grimes, Lindsay Caucus Employee         35,000  
Grise, Julie Caucus Employee         57,999  
Grotheer, Laurence Caucus Employee         65,896  
Guilbert, Kellie Caucus Employee         36,516  
Hajdasz, Stephen Lieutenant         81,385  
Hammersley, Lisa Caucus Employee         92,500  
Hammon, Paula M. Chief ITS Analyst       113,521  
Hamzy, William A. Legislative Commissioner         42,067  
Hanratty, Jr., Richard Senior Legislative Attorney       102,619  
Hansen, Lee Legislative Analyst II         60,413  
Harnick, John Financial Administrator       128,931  
Heagney, Robert W.* Caucus Employee         60,001  
Healey, John J Caucus Employee         78,000  
Hemingway, Sarah Caucus Employee         35,000  
Henry, Beverley M Supervising Committee Administ         75,820  
Higgins, Garland Caucus Employee         48,845  
Higgins, Katelyn A Caucus Employee         56,897  
Highter, Robert Security Technician         45,184  
Holbrook, Sarah Caucus Employee         70,000  
Holleran, Lena A. Caucus Employee         62,443  
Holstead, Joseph Principal Legislative Analyst         90,356  
Homer-Bouthiette, Dawn** Principal Legislative Analyst       101,630  
Horan, Janice Security Technician         45,184  
Horsky, Kathleen Caucus Employee         35,000  
Hubbard, Barry Caucus Employee         38,125  
Hubbard, Jesse Caucus Employee         50,000  
Huertas, Evelyn Senior Executive Secretary         56,388  
Hughes, Mary Alice Caucus Employee         51,341  
Hutton, Deborah L Caucus Employee       144,000  
Jalbert, Daniel Chief ITS Analyst       113,521  
Jensen, Jill Chief Legislative Analyst       143,057  
Johnson, Steven Senior ITS Analyst         83,641  
Johnson-Martin, Luwannia Caucus Employee         38,000  
Jones, Darcy Caucus Employee         38,004  
Jones, Gordon Security Technician         45,184  
Jordan, Laura J. Caucus Employee       150,000  
Joseph, Adam Caucus Employee         97,002  
Joseph, Alice A Clerk’s Office Assistant         48,883  
Kacerguis, Matthew J. Sergeant         76,322  
Kaminski Leduc, Janet Senior Legislative Attorney       102,123  
Kane, Brittany Caucus Employee         35,000  
Kaplan, David Committee Clerk         36,401  
Keane, Susan Supervising Committee Administ         83,888  
Kehoe, Timothy B. Permanent Assistant Clerk         82,300  
Kelly, Robert Caucus Employee         38,004  
Kelly, Theresa A. Senior Legislative Secretary         53,858  
Kenneally, Katherine Caucus Employee         47,427  
King, Zofia Administrative Services Coor         67,604  
Kiro, Lisa M. Staff Assistant         67,604  
Kluger, Miriam Principal Legislative Analyst       114,473  
Knight, Jason Caucus Employee         42,852  
Krautler, Patricia A. Caucus Employee         69,717  
Kruczek, Theresa Senior Legislative Secretary         46,983  
Kubeck, Diane Caucus Employee         45,000  
Kula, Mary Staff Assistant         61,128  
Labbadia, Bonnine T Executive Secretary         59,280  
LaChance, Amy Associate Legislative Attorney         66,073  
Larson, Andrew Caucus Employee         33,000  
Latina, Jodi Caucus Employee         72,450  
Lawlor-Parker, Eileen Associate Legislative Attorney         66,073  
Lederman, William Associate Legislative Analyst         86,191  
Lee Jr., Walter E. Chief,Capitol Police Departmen         88,017  
Legros, Alison Caucus Employee         35,000  
Lemieux Jr, Joseph Caucus Employee         63,903  
Liegeot, Adam Caucus Employee         81,765  
Listro, David Senior ITS Analyst         89,329  
Lockett, Dorian* Caucus Employee         20,000  
Lohman, Judith Assistant Director, OLR       150,830  
Lombardi, Anthony Senior Capitol Police Officer         63,420  
Lopez, Rosemary Senior Admin Service Coor         61,421  
Lowndes, Mary Kate** Special Projects Coordinator         73,607  
Luciano, Edelmira** Senior Legislative Secretary         53,858  
Lynch, Peter Capitol Police Officer         55,462  
MacDonald, David Caucus Employee         35,854  
Macierowski, Jennifer A Caucus Employee       151,000  
MacKenzie, Hugh Caucus Employee         87,518  
Macunas, Matthew Caucus Employee         36,516  
Magnan, Maureen Caucus Employee       110,000  
Maher, Stephen Caucus Employee         82,054  
Makuc, Jaime J Caucus Employee         53,924  
Maley, Edwin Legislative Commissioner         50,337  
Mancinelli, Tracy Caucus Employee         42,000  
Marsh, Susan D Manager (ITS)       113,521  
Martin, Sally Chief Legislative Attorney       143,648  
Martinez, Anthony Security Technician         45,184  
Martinez, Geraldo Office Technician         39,997  
Marzik, Dawn Caucus Employee         82,598  
Maselek, Debra A. Administrative Services Coor         67,325  
Matthews, Barbara Business Officer         64,022  
Mauro Jr., Vincent Caucus Employee         99,500  
Mazzocca, D’Ann D Executive Director       189,769  
McAvoy, Mary Kathryn Caucus Employee         58,344  
McCarthy, Kevin Principal Legislative Analyst       122,884  
McCarthy, Shannon Senior Legislative Attorney         84,756  
McDermott, Gaia Caucus Employee         35,000  
McGuire, Mary Ellen Staff Assistant         57,911  
McHugh, Maureen Caucus Employee         38,004  
McKeen, Allison Associate Legislative Attorney         81,495  
McKeone, Erik S ITS Analyst         81,454  
Melita, Enrico Caucus Employee       100,000  
Merisotis, Emanuel Caucus Employee         57,678  
Merritt, Schuyler Caucus Employee         35,000  
Michael, Eleanor Caucus Employee         75,000  
Migneault, Deborah** Special Projects Coordinator         58,495  
Miller, Kristen Associate Legislative Analyst         64,716  
Miller, Linda L. Principal Legislative Analyst       122,884  
Mohr, Christina Associate Legislative Analyst         81,495  
Mongillo, Art Caucus Employee         47,856  
Monteiro, Virginia Caucus Employee         38,004  
Moran, John Principal Legislative Analyst       109,928  
Morin, Deborah Senior Legislative Secretary         38,994  
Morin, Tracey Executive Secretary         50,707  
Mounds, Laurie Caucus Employee         61,510  
Murphy, Thomas Chief Legislative Analyst       113,253  
Murphy, Timothy Capitol Police Officer         55,462  
Murphy, Todd Caucus Employee         79,260  
Murray, Katherine* Caucus Employee         63,945  
Nadeau, Louise Senior Legislative Attorney       120,362  
Neal, Jr, Ken Caucus Employee         40,000  
Negron, Alberto Caucus Employee         66,338  
Niles, Dawn Caucus Employee         68,600  
Noble, Maria del Pilar Staff Assistant         65,956  
Noehren, Michelle L. Legislative Analyst II         62,527  
Norman, Gary Security Technician         45,184  
Norman-Eady, Sandra Director,OLR       150,830  
Norton, Robert** Special Projects Coordinator         78,849  
O’Brien, Dean Caucus Employee         48,768  
O’Brien, Leslie Caucus Employee       115,000  
O’Connor, Erica Corporal         60,273  
Olechowski, Marcin Caucus Employee         37,652  
O’Neil, Patrick Caucus Employee         97,000  
O’Neil, Ryan Senior Legislative Secretary         53,442  
O’Reilly, John Corporal         60,273  
Orlando, James Associate Legislative Analyst         78,739  
O’Shea, William Chief Legislative Attorney       111,990  
Otero, Tracey Senior Admin Service Coor         70,010  
Oyanadel, Werner Acting Director       104,106  
Padula, Jennifer Senior Legislative Attorney         84,348  
Palm, Christine Special Projects Coordinator         73,606  
Palmer, Diana Caucus Employee         36,000  
Palmer, Jonathan Legislative Analyst II         60,413  
Palmer, Stephen Caucus Employee         38,115  
Pantoja, Tanya Caucus Employee         41,359  
Papallo-Slepski, Cynthia Executive Secretary         47,665  
Parker, James Capitol Police Officer         56,987  
Passaro, Cara Caucus Employee         53,000  
Pennant, Ryan ITS Analyst         79,275  
Perillo, Christopher Chief Legislative Analyst       111,990  
Perillo, Sarah Associate Legislative Analyst         85,780  
Perosino, Larry Caucus Employee         85,000  
Phillips, Jeanie Caucus Employee         39,248  
Picano, Marcy Associate Legislative Analyst         80,314  
Pierre, Natasha M. Principal Legislative Analyst       102,619  
Pinho, Rute Associate Legislative Analyst         81,889  
Pocock, Erika Caucus Employee         33,000  
Polun, Debra** Associate Legislative Analyst         90,356  
Poudrier Jr., Robert A. Caucus Employee         97,708  
Price, Susan Senior Legislative Attorney       113,774  
Proto, Jennifer Associate Legislative Analyst         63,132  
Puckett, Olivia Committee Clerk         36,401  
Pulsifer, Donna ITS Analyst         81,219  
Putnam, Timothy W. Chief ITS Analyst       113,521  
Quinn Jr, Joseph Caucus Employee       172,425  
Rappa, John Chief Legislative Analyst       129,028  
Rawling, Donald Caucus Employee         37,500  
Rehm, Angela Senior Legislative Attorney       110,193  
Reid, Terri Caucus Employee         38,004  
Reinhart, Christopher Chief Legislative Attorney       120,042  
Rell, Michael L. Caucus Employee         75,000  
Rhude, Kyle Associate Legislative Analyst         84,347  
Richards, Glen Lieutenant         73,228  
Richardson, Karen Services Officer         70,289  
Riley, Cliddie Caucus Employee         45,000  
Roberts, Jo Chief Legislative Attorney       129,028  
Ronan, Phoenix Associate Legislative Analyst         62,830  
Rose, Carrie Associate Legislative Analyst         81,495  
Rose, Veronica Chief Legislative Analyst       129,028  
Rosen, Justin Caucus Employee         40,000  
Roy, Lisa Caucus Employee         57,500  
Ruane, Kevin Caucus Employee         40,000  
Rudikoff, Joel I Caucus Employee       131,931  
Russell, Anna Caucus Employee         29,232  
Ryan, E. Rose Caucus Employee         60,000  
Saccente, Kenneth Caucus Employee         64,501  
Salamone, Pamela Caucus Employee         35,000  
Salemi, Kathleen Caucus Employee         39,626  
Salvio, Kathleen Caucus Employee         35,000  
Santiago, Jacqueline Caucus Employee         42,066  
Sato, Kumi Associate Legislative Attorney         78,739  
Scalettar, Ellen Caucus Employee       137,967  
Schmitt, Jared Caucus Employee         90,000  
Schuetz, Jason R Caucus Employee         55,000  
Schweitzer, Marie Caucus Employee         60,000  
Schyns, Roger Chief ITS Analyst       113,521  
Scola, Marilyn Supv of File and Engrossing         81,125  
Scott, Christy Caucus Employee       115,000  
Scricca, Francine P Payroll/Personnel Assistant         59,280  
Segovia, Armando Corporal         63,085  
Serrano, Nancy Legislative Secretary         40,358  
Severance, Mark Journal Clerk         60,182  
Shannon, John W Caucus Employee       145,000  
Shapiro, Larry Director,LCO       167,228  
Shaw, Jeffrey Caucus Employee         40,000  
Shea, Kathleen Caucus Employee         34,894  
Shepard, Alan Principal Legislative Analyst       122,884  
Shepard, Emily Associate Legislative Analyst         82,676  
Shonta, Michael Calendar Clerk         56,244  
Sidorak, Steve Caucus Employee         38,004  
Silverman, Phyllis Caucus Employee         62,525  
Simoneau, Scott M Principal Legislative Analyst       122,884  
Simpson, Robert Caucus Employee         37,500  
Sinatro, Curtis Corporal         58,517  
Sinko, Kelly Caucus Employee         53,000  
Skehan, Jennifer Caucus Employee         92,000  
Skowera, Adam Caucus Employee         37,878  
Slap, Derek Caucus Employee       149,500  
Smith, Carla C. Caucus Employee         70,575  
Smith, Cheryl Manager (ITS)       113,521  
Smith, Erin Caucus Employee         38,004  
Smith, Jemar Caucus Employee         38,004  
Smullen, Harold Caucus Employee         42,212  
Somerville, Taylor Caucus Employee         40,711  
Sorensen, Julia Caucus Employee         42,500  
Soudier, Thomas Capitol Police Officer         57,404  
Spinella, Kevin Caucus Employee         35,000  
Spinella, Thomas Caucus Employee         42,834  
Stark, Jason Caucus Employee         70,000  
Starr, Julia Evans** Dir,Commission on Aging       119,823  
Steuber, David Caucus Employee         40,000  
Stevens, Janelle Associate Legislative Analyst         81,495  
Stewart, Erin Caucus Employee         34,155  
Storm, Joshua Caucus Employee         50,510  
Strand, Carl Caucus Employee         34,894  
Stroman, Tangy Senior Legislative Secretary         48,603  
Sullivan, Kristin Principal Legislative Analyst         99,149  
Sundie, Bryan Caucus Employee         55,000  
Sylvester, Jonathan Sergeant         63,287  
Taff, Richard Chief Legislative Attorney       143,648  
Tamburro, James E. Training&Staff Dvlpmnt Coor       113,521  
Tarbox, Paul Caucus Employee         36,032  
Terrell, Vickey Senior Executive Secretary         52,760  
Thomas, Kyle Caucus Employee         38,004  
Toohey, Pamela Caucus Employee         40,710  
Torres-Ferguson, Mildred Caucus Employee       110,000  
Towbin, Linda M. Caucus Employee         71,355  
Towson, Bradford Senior Legislative Attorney       102,619  
Tracy, James P. Personnel Administrator       143,648  
Tranter, Todd N. Capitol Police Officer         51,269  
Trestman, Jody Caucus Employee         35,000  
Trudel, David Security Technician         45,184  
Tsarkov, Alex Caucus Employee         36,440  
Turco, Gary Caucus Employee         52,237  
Uhlinger, Daniel Caucus Employee         45,000  
Upton, Jill W. Statute Revision Specialist II         71,981  
Urso, Maureen Caucus Employee         47,000  
Utter, Randa Caucus Employee         68,671  
Vaccaro, Jeffrey Capitol Police Officer         56,987  
Vamos, John Caucus Employee         48,000  
Vecchitto, John Caucus Employee         63,704  
Velez, David Caucus Employee         50,000  
Vibert, Carrie Director,PR&I       168,045  
Walker, Andrea M Principal Legislative Analyst       102,619  
Walker, Laneka Caucus Employee         55,435  
Walker, Michele R Caucus Employee         53,444  
Waters, Beth Payroll/Personnel Assistant         47,564  
Weidlich, Amy Senior Legislative Secretary         40,944  
Weisselberg, Susan Caucus Employee       135,000  
Welch, Rachel Associate Legislative Analyst         78,739  
Westerberg, Emily Caucus Employee         55,000  
Wetzel, Christopher Associate Legislative Analyst         78,739  
Whiting, Douglas Caucus Employee       165,000  
Wilde, Mark Caucus Employee         40,000  
Wilkinson, Tyler Caucus Employee         40,000  
Williams, David J. Caucus Employee         55,000  
Williams, Holly Legislative Analyst II         60,413  
Wojcik, Joshua Caucus Employee         52,500  
Wolf, Timothy D. Caucus Employee       105,470  
Wolfe, Ryan Caucus Employee         40,000  
Woodcock, G. Andrew* Caucus Employee         37,050  
Wright, Gregory Capitol Police Officer         58,983  
Wysock, Laurie Senior Executive Secretary         67,604  
Wysock, Robert J. Chief Legislative Analyst       142,739  
Younger, Teresa Director,Comm on Status of Wom       108,263  
Zaniewski, James Capitol Police Officer         59,126  
Zaugg, Lisa W.* Staff Assistant         44,460  
Zavagnin, Chris Caucus Employee         38,000  
Zelaya, Ciro Caucus Employee         37,685  
Zengel, Keith Sergeant         62,951  
Zimmerman, Elaine** Director,Commission on Childre       131,338  
**This salary represents payment for a full 40 hour workweek.  However, due to   
agency budget cuts, this employee has reduced their pay by utilizing the voluntary  
leave and schedule reduction program.