Cynics alert! Malloy signs gross-receipts tax bill. How do you spell immediate relief? 1.5 to 1.7 cents per gallon

Gov. Malloy, in Bloomfield at an unrelated event, said that savings will be linked to the wholesale price. “We’re now trading above that ($3 a gallon wholesale price)… so you see a decline in essence. You can reasonably predict everytime you see gas going up at the pump probably tied to a higher wholesale price, so therefore the savings are increasing,” he said. This week the wholesale price has gone from $3.2289 per gallon to $3.2958 per gallon, a jump of six cents, according to the Independent Connecticut Petroleum Association. “This is a pretty complicated issue,” Malloy said. “The Legislature decided to act and give an amount of relief. You could either look at as very positive, or you could look at it in a cynical way. You get to decide.”