Rowland, with security camera eyeing him, is no threat to Gov. Malloy

 Gov. Dannel Malloy this morning attended the 2011 awards ceremony for the Governor’s Summer Reading Challenge. He was introduced by State Education Commission Stefan Pryor, who almost pronounced the governor’s first name correctly. He put the accent on “dan-NELL,” instead of “DAN-ell.” Be that as it may, they posed for photos with dozens of kids in the big front room of the State Museum, inside the State Library across the street from the Capitol. There, along the walls, are individual portraits of most of the state’s governors. The Blogster just had to commune briefly with John “Why Should I Resign if I’ve Done Nothing Wrong” Rowland, the disgraced governor who resigned in July of 2004 on his way to a 10-month stint in federal prison. Later, in the Q & A with Malloy, he was asked the tough question.

Reporter: “Do you feel safer knowing that there is a security camera in there next to John Rowland’s portrait.”

 Malloy puts his head down and laughs.