Dick who? U.S. Sen. Blumenthal apparently neglecting U-15 demographic in his hometown

U.S. Rep. Jim Himes visited the kids in the summer programming at the Greenwich Boys and Girls Club this morning. While explaining the national government, he asked the 27 mid-teens the names of their U.S. senators. They drew blanks. “Anybody know who our two senators are? Joe Lieberman. Anybody know who the second one is? He’s a new one, he just got elected in the last election. He’s actually from Greenwich. Dick Blumenthal?….”

6 Responses

  1. Matthew Oakes says:

    Doesn’t surprise me and I blame the parents for not taking personal responsibility for their children’s education.

  2. Mayor McCheese says:


    Maybe you should change your name to MrOutofTouch. Marxists? Russians? I think you are living in 1983. You sound far more ignorant than any of these kids.

    This is nothing new or surprising. Media has been doing stories like this for years. Kids today are no more out of touch then they ever were. Arguably, they are now more in touch with current events due to the Internet and Social Media.

    have you spent any time with teenagers recently? I think you would be surprised – at least the ones that I know – that they are a lot more aware of current event than you think. They are certainly much more aware of things then when I was a teenager in the 1980s.

    Maybe instead of having knee jerk reactions and spewing off on a subject you clearly know nothing about, perhaps you ought to go down to your local high school and talk with some of the kids in an AP US History class. They might teach you a thing or two.

  3. MrLogical says:

    Ask these kids if they know who our first president was.
    Ask them how many congressmen we have; how many in the House?
    Ask them what the term of a Senator is; a Representaive.
    Ask them how many amendments there are to the Constituion.
    As them to name the key founding documents of our nation.
    Ask them what the 10th amendment is, and what it means.
    Ask them if they can name the original 13 states coming from the Colonies.

    Then ask them who won American Idol last season.
    And the season before…
    And the season before that…
    And who’s dating the Kim Kardashian…

    You get the idea.

  4. MrLogical says:

    “Like, Obama, man – like, he’s so cool! Tokin’ up in high school and all. Doin’ blow and all. You mean Obama man? Like he’s our senator?”

  5. MrLogical says:

    Why is anyone surprised by this? After 60+ years of concentrated effort by the Marxist left in this country, our public education system has been progressively (pun intended…) dumbed-down such that when kids graduate high-school (the 50% who do…), they’re barely able to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, or name the capitol of their state. “LIke, c’mon – name our “senators” dude? Really? You expect us to know our SENATORS?”

    Ever watch “Jay Walking” on Leno’s show? You should.

    Welcome to the Democrat’s 60-year old dream; aka, America’s nightmare: An electorate that is so functionally illiterate it can be lead around by it’s nose with sound bites from the Jon Stewart show, and who think we fought France in WWII. Ever see the kids at McDonald’s make change – counting on their fingers and even then, getting it wrong?

    We are so screwed. When the Russians finally march in to take over, these drones will probably cheer them.

  6. Palin Smith says:

    Even the Greenwich Public schools are remiss.