How “PC” is the Mohegan Sun? “Bow and Arrow Sports Bar” set to re-open, with cigar rolling (!?) and raffle giveaways


As a fan of the Cleveland Indians whenever he visits his old college roommates there, the Blogster is kind of ambivalent about the Mohegan Sun’s use of archetype marketing, but figures the Bow and Arrow Sports Bar makes better sense than many other items associated historically with the Native Americans of Connecticut. Indeed, the Blogster is showing signs of being out of the loop, since the bar is reopening after being closed since late July for renovations.

Anyway, here’s the PR release that just arrived:

“You may have heard about the big re-opening of Mohegan Sun’s Bow & Arrow
Sports Bar, set to take place on the night of the Giants and Cowboys NFL
season opener on Wednesday, September 5th. A few additions have been made
to this Bow & Arrow Sports Bar Kickoff Party however. The biggest being a
special appearance by former NFL star and radio personality Steve DeOssie.
Mohegan Sun is asking guests to watch the game, enjoy $2 draft beers, a
chance at the raffle prizes listed below and of course a chance to meet a
true hero in the world of sports.

   Bow & Arrow Sports Bar Kickoff Party, 8:00pm on Wednesday, September 5th

   Special appearance by former linebacker of the New York Giants, Dallas
   Cowboys and New England Patriots, Steve DeOssie.

   Raffle for guests is set to take place as well. Prizes will include 12

            1. iPad2
            2. Sony Dash Personal Application Viewer (HID-C10)
            3. Samsung Flash Memory SD Camcorder
            4. Flip HD Video Camera
            5. iPod Nano
            6. Men’s Sector Watch – large face, brown leather strap
            7. Women’s Coach clutch
            8. Poker set
            9. Mark Bavaro autographed photo (former NY Giant) w/
            certificate of authenticity
            10. Phil McConkey autographed photo (former NY Giant) w/
            certificate of authenticity
            11. Tiffany’s necklace – Return To Tiffany double heart tag
            12. Working on last item – hopefully will be a Blu Ray player

   2$ Draft beers
   Cigar rolling demonstration for guests.”