State Bond Commission on Tuesday will approve million$ for Stamford, Stratford, Trumbull, Danbury, Bridgeport projects


In a nutshell, the State Bond Commission, headed and controlled by Gov. Dannel Malloy, is scheduled tomorrow to approve:

*$7 million for support housing units in Bridgeport. The money will be split between the Fairfield Apartments and the Crescent Apartments, whose 15-year period of federal support is ending.

* $298 to fix the roof at the Stratford Aviation School, located at Sikorsky Memorial Airport.

*1.3 million to realign Henry Street in Stamford, in its approach to Atlantic Street as part of the South End operation and capacity improvement project.

*$1.6 million to install a new canopy over the platform at the Glenbrook train station.

$475,000 for the Aids Project of Greater Danbury to purchase its office at 30 West Street and expand its services.

$6.5 million for Charter Communications Holding Co. LLC to relocate its corporate headquarters to Stamford from St. Louis.

One Response

  1. MrLogical says:

    Spending more money,
    that we don’t have,
    that we will have to borrow,
    on projects we don’t need,
    or that should be paid for by the people who actually use the facilities and/or services.

    Wake up, Connecticut.