Auditors: State Police have “consistently” overstaffed security at Bradley Airport by $8.5 million

State Auditors John Geragosian and Robert Ward this morning released a brief-but-scalding audit of Bradley International Airport, where troopers from the former Troop W (now consolidated with Hartford’s barracks) were assigned to assist in security. In addition to blowing through their security budget, Troop W also took money from the General Fund totaling $8.4 million for the two years ending in June, 2011. In 2010, the costs were $8,935,983 and the next year $7,111,772. But reimbursements were $3,686,270 and $3,893,732. “The General Fund absorbed the unreimbursed costs of $8,467,753 for the two fiscal years as it has absorbed the unreimbursed costs in other fiscal years,” the report says, noting that security considerations prevent the release of the exact number of troopers assigned to the airport.

Here is the recommendation:

“1. The legislature should consider the legal budget requirements of the Bradley Enterprise Fund and the number of personnel needed at Bradley International Airport, as required by the Airport Security Program (ASP), to determine if Public Act 09-07 and applicable General Statutes need to be revised. The legislature should consult with the airport security coordinators to determine whether security services in excess of those required in the Airport Security Program are necessary.
The (Memo of Understanding) between the departments state the number of law enforcement officers and other staff required at the Airport had to be in compliance with the ASP that is approved by the (Transportation Security Administration). The budget for the Bradley Enterprise Fund is approved by the Bradley Board of Directors and (the Office of Policy and Management) and includes a line item for security services based on the requirements of the ASP. (Department of Public Safety) is notified of the number of its staff required for security services and the dollar amount budgeted for the staff prior to the beginning of each fiscal year. DPS has consistently provided more law enforcement personnel than required by the ASP.”