Malloy gets anthrax threat.

“On February 19, 2013, the Connecticut State Capitol Police Department (SCPD) was notified by the Connecticut State Police (CSP) Executive Security that a threat against the Governor was received by constituent services. The threat consisted of a phone call from an individual stating that a letter sent to the Governor contained Anthrax. CSP provided detailed information about the letter that was sent to the Capitol. The SCPD provided mailroom staff with a description of the suspected letter. SCPD discovered the letter in question in mail designated for delivery to the Governor. The letter was separated and sealed in clear plastic evidence bag.
CSP Major Crimes Division is investigating the threat to the Governor. Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) Hazardous Materials Division, CSP Emergency Services Unit, and the City of Hartford Health Department were notified and responded. Initial field test were conducted and produced negative results. The letter has been transported to the CSP laboratory for further testing.”