Malloy is conflicted on physician-assisted suicide bill

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy was asked to comment today on the bill on physician-assisted suicide that was the subject of a Monday public hearing:

“It’s an issue that fraught with fears. It represents taboos, both religious and societal. It also raises very substantial questions about the ability of one to control their own destiny. I have not reached a conclusion on that bill in Connecticut. I have done a fair amount of reading and reflecting on some of the statutes that exist in other states and other places. My mother was a nurse and certainly understood an appropriate role for a doctor to play with respect to end-of-life decisions and care. My own mother died while being cared for in hospice. She did not end her own life, but I suppose if she had decided to, as a son I probably would have supported her decision. I’m just admitting it’s a very complex and difficult issue.”

The Public Health Committee has until April 5 to act on the proposed legislation.