Bill inspired by the death of Kenneth Dorsey, struck by distracted New Canaan HS athlete Brianna McEwan, advances in Judiciary Committee


The Judiciary Committee today approved legislation that was provoked by last year’s death of a Norwalk jogger who was struck by an SUV driven by a distracted New Canaan High School athlete. The bill heads to the Senate.

The bill would allow police to seek up to $1,000 in additional fines, above and beyond any criminal penalties and charges. The legislation is aimed at protecting so-called vulnerable users of state roads, from joggers to transportation workers, bicyclists and horse-back riders.

The proposal was filed in response to the Saturday, 24, 2012 death of Kenneth Dorsey, 44, who was jogging in Norwalk when an SUV operated by 16-year-old Brianna McEwan, a multi-sport athlete at New Canaan High struck him. She was using a handheld electronic device to check the high school website at the time her vehicle struck Dorsey. She was charged with negligent homicide, but pleaded guilty last October to a lesser crime and received a suspended prison sentence in state Superior Court.