Frantz, a Republican, plants idea for new revenue?

Sen. Scott Frantz, R-Greenwich, was just speaking about a bill that would allow school crossing guards to seek up to $450 fines for drivers who ignore their stop signs.

He said that protecting our children is a lot more important than worrying about hitting drivers with fines of up to $450 that they might not be able to afford. The fiscal conservative regretted what he said next. “I don’t want to give anybody any ideas here in the circle,” he said of the circumference of Senate desks, “but what they’ve experimented with in Europe, in Switzerland in particular, is if you’re speeding by an inordinate amount over the speed limit, what they do is take a portion of your personal income. People don’t speed in Switzerland anymore. Please disregard that idea. Throw it away. That was to drive the point home today.”