Pulitzer-winner Haynes Johnson, who visited Bridgeport for 1994 book, is dead

Haynes Johnson, a national newspaper superstar who won a 1966 Pulitzer Prize for covering the civil rights movement for the old Washington Evening Star and whose father won a 1949 Pulitzer for uncovering waterfront corruption for The New York Sun, has died in Bethesda, Md. at age 81. They were the first father-son to win the nation’s top journalism award. Haynes visited Bridgeport while researching his 1994 book “Divided We Fall: Gambling With History in the Nineties” and I was lucky enough to drive him around town for a couple hours, talking about the decline of the former “Arsenal of Democracy” and the industrial Northeast.  What a nice, interested, smart guy with a great sense of the scope of US history. And like the best reporters, he spoke less and listened more.

Here’s the link to the Associated Press obituary.