Starbucks bails on supporting caffeine customers who pack guns into its shops

Spokesperson for Newtown Action Alliance, David Ackert:

“The Newtown Action Alliance commends Starbucks’ CEO Howard Shultz for announcing that guns are no longer welcomed in Starbucks stores or in Starbucks outdoor seating areas. This is truly an important and hopeful step on the road toward shifting the culture in American cities to one of peace and respect, and it is nice to be able to add them to the corporate responsibility resource page on our website. While this is not a ban it is certainly a step in the right direction towards the social change that we need, in addition to the legislative changes that we are seeking in Washington this week after nine months of inaction.

We also thank all of our alliance partners and supporters, including Moms Demand Action and Gun Victims Action Council for linking arms with Newtown families in asking Starbucks for their corporate leadership on this issue.”

The alliance was formed after the December 14 school massacre in attempt to turn back the tide on gun violence in the country and to promote more-restrictive gun laws.