Federal District Court in Hartford will be target of political protest

Union employees, election watchdogs and community activists have planned a demonstration against big money in politics for Tuesday morning in front of U.S. District Court in Hartford. The 11 a.m. event will be at 450 Main Street, the site of the Ribicoff Federal Courthouse. The protest is in reaction to a new U.S. Supreme Court Case, McCutcheon v. Federal Election

Commission, which will be heard in Washington on Tuesday. Actvists warn that the case could allow even more big

money in politics by eliminating aggregate contribution limits. Groups participating include the Connecticut Education Association, Common Cause in Connecticut, the Communication Workers of America, the Connecticut Citizen Action Group, the Connecticut Public Interest Research Group, the Connecticut Working Families Party, GMO-Free Connecticut, the League of Women Voters of Connecticut, the Sierra Club and the Service Employees International Union.