Sen. Blumenthal: restore commuter tax credits

U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal has scheduled a 10:30 news conference in New Haven’s Union Station to ask Congress to extend federal commuter-tax benefits for those who take public transportation to work. On January 1, the amount commuters can set aside to pay for their public transit costs before taxes decreased from $245 to $130 per month, costing some people up to $1,000 in additional costs.

“Failure to extend this tax benefit will harm working families and small businesses, as well as clog the roads, contaminate our air, raise gasoline usage, cost consumers, and impose unfair discrimination against mass transit users,” Blumenthal said in a statement. “Commuters from every corner of the state have expressed to me, through letters, emails, and phone calls in recent months, how useful and important this benefit is to them on a daily basis. Commuters face an unconscionable double whammy – higher fares, and an effective tax increase, unless we do the right thing and renew the full 245 dollar benefit.”


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4 Responses

  1. Jerry Coleman says:

    Tax cuts like this one were put into the law to encourage people to utilize public transportation. While the intent is excellent, the big question is: will we continue to utilize this type of transportation if we stop the tax breaks.

    If we have achieved our purpose, why continue the breaks. If we still see room for improvement then by all means continue them.

    Of course, my first question to all of this is: if we can’t maintain the system, IE the rail failures we had last year, why waste our money encouraging people to ride when the system can’t handle the riders we have.

  2. joe says:

    How about a tax credit for those that have a long car commute because trains or buses are not an option. some of us drive 60-100 miles round trip to work. Give us a little tax relief from all the taxes on gas

  3. jim says:

    I have to drive – where’s my tax credit!

  4. Bennie says:

    Yes, PLEASE! Restore this for commuters who are getting a hike in train fares yet again! And for service that is not exactly great (I’m being nice here). We always hear that people should take mass transit to help the environment and to help lighten up the highways during rush hour and yet there isn’t much incentive to take mass transit.