Eastern CSU adjunct goes off the ranch in creative writing class, bashes Congressional Republicans and apologizes today after being lambasted in state House of Reps

House Minority Leader Larry Cafero just demanded an apology from ECSU adjunct prof Brent Terry, for remarks yesterday bashing Congressional Republicans. “I am personally offended,” said Cafero, using an obscure rule allowing House and Senate members to defend themselves from attacks. Cafero called Terry’s rant “inappropriate.”

Within minutes, this came from Terry:

“During my creative writing class yesterday, I allowed my own political opinions to color the discussion. I regret the language I used and I apologize to any students in the room who were offended.  As a liberal arts university, Eastern is known for encouraging debate and discussion about a host of social and political issues. My role in my own classroom is to keep the debate lively yet respectful.  I did not meet that standard yesterday, and for that I am truly sorry.”