Gov. Malloy addresses joint House, Senate session. Puts on happy face over a nine-minute address.

malloyLieutenant Gov. Nancy Wyman just introduced “My friend, my partner” the governor to address the joint convention of the General Assembly after its flood of legislation.

Gov. Malloy is touting a new minimum wage that will rise to $10.10 in January of 2017; $400 million in tax breaks to United Technologies, which will invest $4.5 billion; more education funding; an increase of nine points in the achievement gap (“this is an amazing accomplishment”); an expansion of 1,020 pre-K seats; mental health and school-security; more funding for towns and cities.

“We did do great work together,” he said, thanking those retiring from the General Assembly. “This will be a very different place next year,” he said, noting the retirements of Senate President Don Williams, Senate Minority Leader John McKinney, who may challenge and House Minority Leader Larry Cafero. “It is your absence that will truly make my heart grow fonder,” Malloy said, simulating a joke. “While there is more work to do we are making progress.”